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Hyderabad, India. Only by gazing, thus, can the Alpine climber find values and often he catches too a glimpse of beauty. It has many miles to go and many more milestones to surpass. The IJP is a product of the creative labor of many distinguished past editors who have diligently toiled to bring the IJP to where it is today. The dawn of Indian independence also saw the birth of the Indian Psychiatric Society IPS and may be regarded as the beginning of the modern psychiatric movement in the country.

From the very beginning the IJP followed patterns used in reputed international journals containing sections such as editorial, original articles, reviews news and abstracts. A Science is living only as long as research is carried out in it. Most of the papers published then dealt with theoretical issues with a strong inclination towards psychoanalysis and other disciplines of psychology.

The referencing style conformed to that used in Quarterly Cumulative Index Medicus. De resigned on grounds of ill health and L. Varma edited three volumes of the journal, bringing out a total of nine issues, some of which were combined Vol.

After Varma, M. Govindaswamy was elected its editor , but the journal ceased publication[ 4 ] due to dearth of good research papers mainly attributed to the backwardness of medical research in the country, lack of manpower only around 80 psychiatrists by and lack of funds. The revival of the Indian Journal of Psychiatry in its present name was decided at the annual meeting of the IPS in at Poona under the leadership of I.

A council under M. Govindaswamy was to undertake necessary actions to its resumption. However Dr. Govindaswamy resigned as elected editor and Col P. In the first editorial of the IJP, Col. Both neurology and psychiatry are major specialties in their own right and a separate journal could easily be devoted to each.

The journal followed the same format as the earlier journals, but the referencing pattern changed to Harvard type and a supplement continued to accompany the first issue of the journal which included details about the meetings and members of various committees of the society. The first 25 years of the IJP mirrored the growth of psychiatry and there were many factors which influenced improved research and publication environment in the country.

The IJP has since been in the forefront of publishing research by Indians and helped stimulating psychiatric thinking and research in the country.

Outstanding work was done during this phase in the field of epidemiology, phenomenology, and therapeutics. The focus of interest seems to have shifted from individual to mass problems and from man to society in general. There were excellent surveys of mental morbidity in general population by researchers from all over the country.

This remarkable interest in sociology of psychiatric disorders and in psychology of social phenomena may be attributed to the general enthusiasm, among the psychiatrists for action. This was coupled with either of the following two factors, namely: lack of resources to conduct laboratory research of any kind as well as the effect of changing foci of interest and attention from couch to the community in Western psychiatric world.

The mistaken impression that epidemiological work is easy to undertake and quick to bear results may also have played some role in shifting the interest towards mass studies. The changed political atmosphere of the country and socialistic policies of Indian Government may also be responsible, though on a somewhat unconscious level, for this shift of attention.

Most of these trails were of double blind variety and employed Controls; examples being on the use of Flupenthixol,[ 31 , 32 ] Fluphenazine enanthate,[ 33 ] Lorazepam,[ 34 ] and Trimipramine. This is of course understandable for the last mentioned treatment modality. Establishment of norms of performance of Indian population on certain psychological tests[ 37 , 38 ] and designing some original psychometric tools[ 39 ] were among other outstanding works done in this phase.

The importance of having our own psychological tests, which have been designed specially for the purpose of Indian patients, cannot be over-emphasized. A few interesting papers on the relationship of crime with mental disorder[ 40 — 43 ] have also appeared during this phase. More and more workers, it appears, have started feeling that practice, teaching and research of psychiatry in India should be different from that in West.

These epidemiological, phenomenological and therapeutic studies, which attracted researchers in the 60s and 70s continued well into the 80s. This initial phase saw a total of four editors viz. Col P. Bardhan, , M. Vachha, , Venkoba Rao and B. Sethi , who was, supported by Rudraprakash as assistant editor. The IJP crossed significant milestones during their tenures. In , the IPS got a new emblem with a brain and a staff of Aesculapius carved on a potter wheel with Prashanti written in Hindi characteristics.

In , the journal got indexed in Excerpta Medica which opened new vistas for international circulation of the journal. In this period there were a total of eight editors with three of them lasting for less than a term of two years. This churning was more in the last five years of this period. The teams of earlier editors and assistant editors were S. Channabasavanna with S. Chaturvedi, A K Agarwal[ 56 ] with J.

Trivedi, K Kuruvilla with M. Rajagopalan followed by J K Trivedi , all of whom had multiple terms. In , U. Goswami became editor along with U. Khastagir and U. Kumar as assistant editors, but could not complete his term for personal reasons; T. Rao became the interim editor with B N Raveesh in N Desai along with S. Mehrotra completed their two year term. Rao with G. Swaminath became editor in but as the IPS elections were annulled G.

Swaminath became the interim editor for the latter part of Since T. Swaminath have been at the helm of IJP. There have been many changes in the IJP over these 25 years. The journal has shown a steady growth and increase in readership. In the early nineties, author indexing was started and in subject index was added.

In there was a distinct change in format of the text as type setting was changed. In Vol Under J. Under N. Desai, the IJP underwent major changes in the format which is still being followed. The referencing style of the journal was reviewed again and for the first time the Vancouver System was adopted. Schizophrenia, major depression, substance abuse, organic disorders, psychiatric aspects of medical disorders and anxiety disorders respectively formed a major part of the publication in the IJP during this period.

Studies on schizophrenia concentrated on phenomenology,[ 58 — 60 ] course and outcome of schizophrenia,[ 61 ] deficit schizophrenia,[ 62 ] disabilities[ 63 , 64 ] rehabilitation[ 65 ] and quality of life.

In keeping with the global trend there were many studies on biochemical, immunological, radiological and genetic issue[ 66 , 67 ] related to schizophrenia, and this was reviewed in the IJP in Studies on Depression and Bipolar Disorder too have concentrated on phenomenology,[ 69 ] course,[ 70 — 72 ] disability and quality of life.

In comparison to the earlier quarter century, the number of articles on the elderly[ 78 ] has increased, which is in keeping with increased life expectancy. The IJP brought out a special supplement on dementia, which contained three editorials and 15 articles by researchers from all over the world.

This supplement on dementia IJP Vol. Studies on Addiction medicine, especially alcohol[ 79 — 81 ] as well as sexual medicine, more so in the Indian setting,[ 81 — 84 ] increased towards the latter part of this phase. There were demands for a separate subspeciality in the IPS for these areas. While drug trials predominated in the first 25 years, these dwindled during the next phase.

Most drug trials were replications of those from the West, but helped evaluate efficacy and adverse effects in the Indian population. There were many articles on ECT which focused on the machine, methodology and practice. Psychiatric education[ ] has attracted the attention of academicians and in keeping with this need there was a special symposium on undergraduate psychiatric education eight articles with perspectives from UK, USA and India; articles were published in IJP Vol.

The year saw three major transformations, all interrelated, in the journal. An online manuscript submission and electronic peer review system www. This has reduced clerical work as well as submission-decision time and thanks to this system we now have about more than articles in various stages of review or publication.

One of the important advantages of the system is that the search for reviewers who are key researchers in the field can be identified from the references quoted in the article as well as a PubMed search using key words. Getting articles reviewed by such significant authorities has been an enriching experience which has greatly improved the worthiness of the publication. Some worthy referees volunteer to become authors and further enhance the richness of our journal.

The second important transformation is the posting of the journal well before printing on the website www. Some believe that there should not be open access to our articles, but the advantage of open access bestows on us greater visibility, and increased citations resulting in higher impact rates.

The release of the IPS Golden Jubilee Commemorative volume which contained 50 presidential addresses and 50 editorials was another important feature. This volume was greatly cherished by members[ ] as it gave a glimpse of the opinions, wisdom as well as vision of those at the helm of the IPS over the 50 years. The volume, however, missed out on some presidential addresses which could not be procured. This volume is a compilation of articles on important research and publications by Indians, provides an insight to the achievements as well as the future of Indian Psychiatry.

We do hope this will come sooner than later and with a good weightage.

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Hyderabad, India. Only by gazing, thus, can the Alpine climber find values and often he catches too a glimpse of beauty. It has many miles to go and many more milestones to surpass. The IJP is a product of the creative labor of many distinguished past editors who have diligently toiled to bring the IJP to where it is today. The dawn of Indian independence also saw the birth of the Indian Psychiatric Society IPS and may be regarded as the beginning of the modern psychiatric movement in the country. From the very beginning the IJP followed patterns used in reputed international journals containing sections such as editorial, original articles, reviews news and abstracts. A Science is living only as long as research is carried out in it.

Instructions to Authors. A manuscript will be reviewed for possible publication with the understanding that it is being submitted to Indian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing alone at that point in time and has not been published anywhere, simultaneously submitted, or already accepted for publication elsewhere. The journal expects that authors would authorize one of them to correspond with the Journal for all matters related to the manuscript. All manuscripts received are duly acknowledged. On submission, editors review all submitted manuscripts initially for suitability for formal review. Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific or technical flaws, or lack of a significant message are rejected before proceeding for formal peer-review. Manuscripts that are unlikely to be of interest to the Indian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing readers are also liable to be rejected at this stage itself.

The Indian Journal of Psychiatry (IJP) in its multiple avatars has completed 60 [​5] A library on mental health started in at CIP with books IAPA, NY, (also available at 3.

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Keywords: Depression, Natural history, Psychiatric clinic. Ind J Priv Psychiatry ; 14 1 Aims and objectives: The aim of this study is to study the natural course of depression in a private clinic setting. Materials and methods: The records of all patients suffering from depression excluding bipolar and schizoaffective disorders diagnosed according to DSM IV were scrutinized from November 1, , to October 31, Observations: A total of patients were diagnosed as suffering from depression.

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Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders. Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders is an open access, peer reviewed biannual journal in which we publish articles related to the ever expanding research on the Psychiatry. Some of the topics include psychiatric illness, as well as normal human behaviour and various factors affecting them, neuropsychopharmacology, neuroendocrinology, electrophysiology, genetics, experimental psychology and epidemiology. All the papers are checked for plagiarism and are peer-reviewed before publication.

The Asian Journal of Psychiatry is a general and comprehensive journal of psychiatry for psychiatrists, mental health clinicians, neurologists, physicians, students of mental health and those involved in mental health policy development. The journal aims to bridge a knowledge gap of the application and transfer of research findings and clinical practice through Asia to and from the rest of the world. It aims to focus on psychiatric research pertinent to Asia produced either within or from outside the continent.

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PDF | Commendable work has been done in psychiatric research in India as it moves in tandem with contemporary trends abroad. Indian.

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Indian J Psychiatry, Indian Journal of Psychiatry is the official publication of the Indian PDF Downloaded, Many text books of psychiatry have been published in recent years for different categories of readers.

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The pandemic of Corona Virus COVID hit India recently; and the associated uncertainty is increasingly testing psychological resilience of the masses.

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