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bible quiz on the book of john pdf

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Speak now. Are you a Biblical scholar or know your gospels well? Take the online Gospel of John quizzes and prove your Biblical scholarship. Quiz Questions.

The Gospel of John

The theme of II John is that of false teachers. The nineteenth of the Epistles was written from Ephesus sometime around 93 AD by the apostle John; the last surviving of the 12 disciples of Jesus. They are still causing problems for the church, wandering around trying to convert people to follow them. John fears that these itinerant preachers might take advantage of the good hearted Christians, and so he warns them not to listen to those who do not speak the truth about Jesus. You've had your free 15 questions for today. Interested in playing more?

You can also print the answer keys separately. This Genesis quiz will test how well do you know the Bible. Do you know already the rules how the total score is calculated? Sosthenes Those sanctified in Christ Jesus are called to be what? Current Members Only. Quick View. Also explore over 26 similar quizzes in this category.

According to the opening of the Gospel of John, what was in the beginning that was with God and was God? Who does John in the opening of his Gospel say was in the beginning with the Word? Fill in the blank: In chapter 1 John writes: All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Chapter 1, John writes, there was a man sent by God who came to bear witness to the light, he was not the light himself, but came to bear witness, what was that mans name? But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.

John Trivia Questions & Answers : New Testament

The Bible questions are not trivia. Rather they help you to learn the message of the scripture. The first three words of John are the same as the first three words of Genesis. What are the three words? John Show answer 1.

Where did Jesus perform his first public miracle? How many years did the Jews say it took to build the temple? Where was Jacob's well? What did Jesus say to the sick man at the pool by the Sheep Gate? Why were the Jews angry with Jesus when he healed the man at the pool by the Sheep Gate?

Gospel Of: ST. John

When was the Book of John written? What was first, the creation or the Word? What was Jesus doing before He became man? What had Jesus to do with creation? What about all the details of creation?

A - Turned water to wine B - Rained fire from the sky C - Raised the bride from the dead D - Healed a leper 4 Jesus told Nicodemus that one would not see the kingdom of God, unless one: A - Gave their belongings to the poor B - Prayed without ceasing C - Was born again D - Followed the law 5 Jesus was tired and sat by a well, he then asked a woman for a drink. Why was this strange? A - Because they couldn't B - Because the man was a sinner C - Because the man believed in him D - Because it was the sabbath 7 A woman who had committed a sin was brought before Jesus for judgment. What was her sin?

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Bible Trivia Questions (and answers)

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