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farsi education board books pdf

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Published: 12.01.2021

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The objective of Iranian Panorama 2 is to help students at the high Elementary level Persian to reach level 2 according to the ILR levels 1. This book is organized into ten topics, each containing three lessons that introduce various aspects of the Iranian society. All materials are authentic: i. Activities, developed based on the communicative method, address all skills and follow the 5 "C's" of the National Foreign Language Standards: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Students will have the opportunity to expand their communicative skills which they have already practiced in previous courses.

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Here you can free download 10th Class Farsi Book. Download 10th class Farsi book. No need to purchase textbook from market or anywhere else, just download here, free of cost and satisfy your need of study. Farsi is an optional subject for 10th class science students. Therefore, in order to facilitate students, we provide complete study material for 9th class Farsi subject. At 10th class level, Farsi introduces its basic concepts.

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Teaching philosophy has been proposed as an important program to train of thought in most countries in the world. The main objective of this study was to analyze the content of Persian elementary school reading books with an emphasis on the stories based on components of philosophical thought in the philosophy for children program. The data collection was performed by content analysis method based on a list of philosophical thinking measures including three concepts reasoning, conceptualization and judgment and twelve sub-components. The population consisted of reading books of first to sixth grade of Iran in To analyze the data, descriptive statistics were used.

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All human achievements in the 21st century in different economic, societal, and political fields and rapid advancement in communication and technology have brought about dramatic changes. In line with such year by year changes, world culture is not an exception, nevertheless the international communities have adopted different approaches to create convergence among the societies in different cultural issues. Most of the societies would agree that one of the ways to avoid the global conflicts is cultural understanding and that many of such conflicts- like environment, health, human rights. The attention to the role of culture becomes more significant when there is a multicultural society. Iran, as a country with great history, has long been considered as a bridge between the east and the west, a place where a lot of people with different ethnic, language, social, cultural and religious background have once settled down.

Download 9th Class Farsi Book

Download 9th Class Farsi Book

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