Open Circuit And Short Circuit Test Of Synchronous Generator Pdf

open circuit and short circuit test of synchronous generator pdf

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Published: 17.12.2020

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Open circuit and Short circuit Test on transformer

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Open Circuit Test and Short Circuit Test are performed on a Synchronous Machine to find out the parameters of Synchronous Machine and hence to have an idea of their performance. Open Circuit Test of Synchronous Machine is also called No Load, Saturation or Magnetizing Characteristics for the reason which will be clear after going through the post. For getting the Open Circuit Characteristics of Synchronous Machine, the alternator is first driven at its rated speed and the open terminal voltage i. Thus Open Circuit Characteristic or OCC is basically the plot between the armature terminal voltage E f versus field current I f while keeping the speed of rotor at rated value. Figure below shows the connection diagram for performing the Open Circuit Test of Alternator.

Open Circuit and Short Circuit Characteristics of Synchronous Machine

Short Circuit of a Synchronous Machine — Under steady state short circuit conditions, the armature reaction of a synchronous generator produces a demagnetizing flux. In terms of a circuit this effect is modelled as a reactance X a in series with the induced emf. This reactance when combined with the leakage reactance X l of the machine is called synchronous reactance X d direct axis synchronous reactance in the case of salient pole machines. Armature resistance being small can be neglected. The steady state short circuit model of a synchronous machine is shown in Fig.

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Considering the armature per-phase circuit diagram, the following information is required to be able to analyze machine performance:. Armature resistance is often neglected, as in large machines it is small relative to synchronous reactance.

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Open Circuit Test and Short Circuit Test of Synchronous generator

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Open Circuit Test and Short Circuit Test of Synchronous generator · the characteristic curve so obtain is called open circuit characteristic (O.C.C.). · The armature.

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Open Circuit Voltage test · Short-Circuit Test.