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Climate change is expected to have complex effects on infectious diseases, causing some to increase, others to decrease, and many to shift their distributions. There have been several important advances in understanding the role of climate and climate change on wildlife and human infectious disease dynamics over the past several years. This essay examines 3 major areas of advancement, which include improvements to mechanistic disease models, investigations into the importance of climate variability to disease dynamics, and understanding the consequences of thermal mismatches between host and parasites. Applying the new information derived from these advances to climate—disease models and addressing the pressing knowledge gaps that we identify should improve the capacity to predict how climate change will affect disease risk for both wildlife and humans.

Analysis Methods for Infectious Disease Using Mathematical Models

This is especially the case in epidemiology, for example, epidemiological forecasting models for fatal diseases such as AIDS have been known to fail because individuals adapt their behaviour to the epidemic Epstein et al. One of the reasons for this type of failure is the reliance on equation-based models to model the spread of an infectious disease in a population. Equation based models are relatively simple to implement and have been shown to produce results that generally mimic that of an outbreak scenario Skvortsov et al. In order to include multiple populations, an equation-based model requires a large number of complex equations and each subpopulation or category in the model will have a separate set of parameters. This will make a model very complicated and difficult to understand and solve.

Thomas, St. The mathematical modeling of ecological interactions is an essential tool in predicting the behavior of complex systems across landscapes. The scientific literature is growing with examples of models used to explore predator-prey interactions, resource selection, population growth, and dynamics of disease transmission. These models provide managers with an efficient alternative means of testing new management and control strategies without resorting to empirical testing that is often costly, time-consuming, and impractical. This chapter presents a review of four types of mathematical models used to understand and predict the spread of infectious diseases in wild animals: compartmental, metapopulation, spatial, and contact network models. Potential avenues for the improvement and use of these models in future studies are also discussed, as are specific examples of how each type of model has improved our understanding of infectious diseases in populations of wild animals.

Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals

Frontiers Media SA. Science Microbiology Food Microbiology. William C. Wilson, Giovanni Savini, Juergen A. Science Physiology Invertebrate Physiology. Timothy J. Johnson, Paul Plummer.

Social Phenomena pp Cite as. The spreading of infectious diseases has dramatically shaped our history and society. The quest to understand and prevent their spreading dates more than two centuries. Over the years, advances in Medicine, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Network Science, Computer Science, and Technology in general contributed to the development of modern epidemiology. In this chapter, we present a summary of different mathematical and computational approaches aimed at describing, modeling, and forecasting the diffusion of viruses. We start from the basic concepts and models in an unstructured population and gradually increase the realism by adding the effects of realistic contact structures within a population as well as the effects of human mobility coupling different subpopulations.

Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals. Matt J. Keeling. Pejman Rohani Read Online · Download PDF. Save. Cite this Item This book is designed as an introduction to the modeling of infectious diseases. We start with the.

Analysis Methods for Infectious Disease Using Mathematical Models

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Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals

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