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Not only, it needs in-depth knowledge of the subject, but also the practical know-how of its core areas. Needless to say, interviewers specifically choose these subjects to put before interviewees, in order to check the depth of their knowledge.

It is used to store the financial data of an organization. SAP FI helps to analyze the financial condition of a company in the market. SAP Financials accounting module enables you to manage financial accounting data within an international framework of multiple companies, currencies, and languages. A General Ledger contains all the transaction details of a company.

SAP CO Interview Questions And Answers (2021)

What is the difference between company and company code? A company is the organizational unit used in the legal consolidation module to roll up financial statements of several company codes.

The Company Code is the smallest organizational! How many chart of accounts can be attached to a company code? One or more Operative Chart of Accounts can be assigned to a company code. A COA must be aasigned to a company code. One Chart of Account can be assigned to many Company codes i. Mexico has different govt reporting requirements than the US so we will need to define a company code specific to Country Mexico and also create a country specific COA to be used, in addition to normal COA.

What are substitutions and validations? What is the precedent? Validations are used to check settings and return a message if the prerequisite check condition is met. What is a controlling area? The Controlling Area is the central organizational unit within CO module.

It is representative of a contained Cost Accounting envt where costs and revenues can be managed. Define relationship between controlling area and company code? A controlling area may include one or more company codes which must use the same operative chart of accounts as the controlling area.

A Controlling Area can contain multiple company code assignments but a single company code can be assigned to only one controlling area. What is a fiscal year variant?

Fiscal Year is a period of 12 months and SAP provides 4 special periods to posting adjustment Entries. Fiscal year determines posting periods. Posting periods are used to assign business transactions. Fiscal year may be year dependent or year independent. What are special periods used for?

The Special periods in a fiscal year variant can be used for things like posting audit or tax adjustments to a closed fiscal year. What do you mean by year dependent in fiscal year variants? Year Dependent: the financial year is same as calendar year. Starting from 1st Jan to 31st Dec where posting periods and the calendar months are equal Year Independent: the financial year is different from calendar year Starting from 1st April to 31st March where the posting period months are not equal to calendar year months.

What are shortened fiscal year? When are they used? Shortened Fiscal Year: a financial year, which has less than 12 periods. What are posting periods? The Posting period variant controls which posting periods, both normal and special, are open for each company code.

It is possible to have a different posting period variant for each company code in the organization. The posting period is independent of the fiscal year variant. What are document types and what are they used for? The doc. Types controls things like type of the account that can be posted to, the number range assigned to it, and required doc header fields.

How are tolerance group for employees used? Tolerance group stores Posting amount defaults. What are posting keys? State the purpose of defining posting keys?

Posting keys determine whether a line item entry is a debit or a credit as well as the possible field status for the transaction. Posting keys are SAP delivered. If u want changes like making additional fields optional on payment type posting keys then the best possible action is to copy the posting key that needs to be modified and then modify it.

What are field status groups? Answer: fb50,f and others could be used for adjustments. These adjustments are to correct any financial representation that has already been booked into the accounts.

Q2-Suppose I have purchased goods of 10 units raw materials or semi-finished goods worth Rs from vendor A suppose and also made payment for the same. Now during the manufacturing process, it was observed that 3 units are defective, now my question is how do we deal with the defective units in SAP as I have already made payment for the 10 units i.

Answer: If you have a GRN against these materials, then the same can be return delivered. An appropriate movement type needs to be configured for the same. As for the payment, raise a credit note on the vendor.

If possible give reasons also. Answer: There are loads of tables that get copied over when copying co codes. This might be incomplete in a manual copy, and hence the manual route is not advisable. In what way my balances would be affected like balances of depreciation,accumulated depreciation,assets etc. Answer: The difference in the depreciation that is posted already, and what should be posted with historical effect will be posted in the current accounting period.

Now my question is in what way we can assign three types of chart of account to company code in one transaction code I might be wrong plz correct me. Answer: Three, although the group and country chart of accounts are optional. The group chart of accounts is assigned to the operational chart of accounts, and the only mandatory CoA is the Operational CoA.

I have created Company Code and all other configuration related to the CCode. Also in MM I have created purchase order, created vendor, material etc. I have assigned controlling area to company code and I could see the controlling area in existance via master file and gl verification. Just copy them from std co. The external layer. The database layer. Define external What is full form of BDC Session? Batch Data Communication Session. What are the steps in a BDC What is Modularization and its benefits?

If the program contains the same In the statement Here we are What is ERP? What is SAP? What is Tables in SAP? Interview Questions. SAP Companies. Home FI Module.

15 most commonly asked SAP FICO Interview Questions

Since through our expertise great interviewers simply intend to ask any critical question during your interview, commonly questions begin with some fundamental concept of the subject and next they proceed based on the distant analysis and Learn SAP FICO Online. Financial accounting and regulating are essential business fields, building a framework for every additional business enterprise. Tracing benefits, outgo and cash flow enable administration experts to give significant preparation choices concerning destiny. What Is A Sap System? Though you can generate balance sheets and profit and loss accounts per Profit Center still a profit center should basically be used as a tool only for internal reporting purposes. If legally one has to produce the Balance sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts for a profit center then it is advisable to create it as a company code instead of a profit center.

Why our jobs site is easy for anyone to learn and to crack interview in the first attempt? These is because we the Wisdomjobs will provide you with the complete details about the interview question and answers and also, we will provide the different jobs roles to apply easily. SAP CO jobs are much in demand. To clear any interview, one must work hard to clear it in first attempt. Question 1. As with any other module, this module also has configuration set-up and application functionality.

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Top 50 SAP FICO Interview Questions & Answers

Reading this will help you a lot in getting your concepts crystal clear and gaining confidence, thereby helping you land the job position you are aiming for. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies. The FI and CO are further divided into sub-modules which look after the Financial and Controlling aspects of any company. All the sub-modules within each module are integrated in real-time.

It is the software that stores data, and also computes them and retrieves the result based on the current marketing scenario. In order to determine the transaction type which is entered in the line item, a two digit numerical is used known as 'Posting Key' Posting key determines a Account Types b Types of posting. To generate financial statements like Profit and Loss statement, Balance sheets etc. You can have one Chart of Account for one company code which is assigned.

Since through our expertise great interviewers simply intend to ask any critical question during your interview, commonly questions begin with some fundamental concept of the subject and next they proceed based on the distant analysis and SAP FICO Training Videos. Financial accounting and regulating are essential business fields, building a framework for every additional business enterprise. Tracing benefits, outgo and cash flow enable administration experts to give significant preparation choices concerning destiny.

What is the difference between company and company code?

SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

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Q1. – Explain the Organizational Assignment in the SAP Controlling module? · Q2. – What are the Primary Cost Element and Secondary Cost.

SAP FICO Interview Questions

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SAP FI Interview Questions & Answers