Ball Badminton Rules And Regulations Pdf

ball badminton rules and regulations pdf

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The sport of badminton is supposed to have originated in Greece, about years ago.

Here are some simple guidelines to get you started. Experienced players may wish to skip this page, and move on to faults. Whenever you do this, you have won a rally; win enough rallies, and you win the match. Your opponent has the same goal.

Badminton: How to play, rules, and all you need to know

Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports in Singapore. With 17 different ActiveSG venues all over the island to book your courts , it is no doubt one of the most popular recreational sport amongst Singaporeans. Equipment is also relatively inexpensive which makes it easy for new players to take up the sport. To get started, all you need is a badminton court, net, rackets and shuttlecocks. Badminton is fun which makes it a good activity for family and friends to bond.

Skip to main content. The University of Iowa Search. Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted inside the facility. Teams will have one week to play their matches before advancing to the next round of the tournament. The bracket will be updated the day following the deadline for each round.

Rules & Regulations

Ball Badminton court should be laid in North-South directions to avoid derect Sun to the eyes of players. Fix nails at M and N. Now from point M, with a radius of 12 meters make arcs on either side north and south and from point P, with a radius of 15 meters cut the previous arcs at A and D. Similarly from point N, with a radius of 12 meters make arcs on either side and from point D, with a radius of 15 meters, cut the previous arcs at B and C. Fix nails A,B,C and D and run a rope through them. MN is the Net Line. Draw parallel lines either side of it at a distance of one metre.

Ball badminton is a sport native to India. It is a racket game, played with a yellow ball made of wool , on a court of fixed dimensions 12 by 24 metres divided by a net. The game was played as early as by the royal family in Tanjore , the capital of Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu , India. It enjoys the greatest popularity in India. Ball badminton is a fast-paced game; it demands skill, quick reflexes, good judgment, agility, and the ability to control the ball with one's wrist.

Simple rules for beginners

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Ball Badminton - బాల్ బాడ్మింటన్


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Find out more about the racket sport which has featured at the Summer Olympics since

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Badminton , court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock.

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As amended and adopted by the BWF May

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(b) The ball shall be served by the player underhand and below the waist; it shall go clear over the net and beyond the serving crease line on the other side of the​.

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