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aws solution architect interview questions and answers pdf

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Imagine there are users who upload images through a mobile application. A business enterprise needs to store these images. A security measure is also important to ensure no loss of data.

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world.

Top 25 AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions & Answers

Imagine there are users who upload images through a mobile application. A business enterprise needs to store these images. A security measure is also important to ensure no loss of data. What should you do to protect against unintended user actions? Imagine an application requires a Datastore to host in AWS. You need to satisfy the following conditions for the Datastore: There should be an introductory storage capacity of 8 TB.

The Datastore must be able to provide a database growth of 8 GB per day. The Datastore should have 4 Read Replicas. Which Datastore would you choose? Imagine a scenario where a requirement is there to host a database on an EC2 Instance. Which Amazon EBS volume type satisfies the performance requirements of this database? The Development teams in your business enterprise, utilize Amazon S3 buckets to store log files for numerous applications. AWS development environments are hosting these applications.

The intention of the developers is to purge the logs after keeping them for a month to troubleshoot problems. Which feature do you think will enable this requirement? There is a need for a proprietary file system in a legacy application. Which Cloud File Storage option will you use to store data? Also, note that it must be accessible by an EC2 Instance. Which two services would you choose to host this application?

There is a need to upload a million images to an Amazon S3. What should you do which guarantees excellent performance in this regard? We need to obtain the IP addresses for resources accessed in a subnet which is private. Which Amazon feature should you use to solve this task? The requirement is to send and process messages in order. Which service would you use in this case? We require a database for a Two-Tier application. It is expected for the data to go through numerous schema changes.

The database is expected to be resilient and ACID compliant. Any modifications to the database should not lead to database downtime. Which storage option would you choose? There is 60 TB of data in a Redshift cluster as of this moment. The requirement is to erect a disaster recovery site in a location approximately Km away. Which solution would satisfy the above requirement?

A business enterprise is utilizing a Redshift cluster to store their data warehouse. How would you go about it?

We require a block level storage to store GB of data. We also require Data Encryption. Which block storage device would you use in this scenario? An application is in need of an EC2 Instance. It is required to continuously batch process different activities. What is the best storage option in this scenario? There is a need for an application to access data in another AWS account in the same region.

What would you do to ensure that the data can be accessed as and when required? An application is using a NAT Instance as of this moment. This application is required to use a NAT Gateway. What would you do to achieve this? A singular NAT Instance is utilized so that instances can download updates from the internet.

Out of the following options which one is a limitation to the architecture? A business enterprise controls an API which as of this moment receives requests per second. The company wants to optimize costs while hosting it in AWS. Which solution would satisfy the above condition? A database application has a lot of resource-intensive reads and writes.

The requirement is to host this database. Select the most suitable option from the list provided below. There exists an application which sends images to an Amazon S3. These images come with metadata. We must save this metadata in persistent storage and also index it. Which storage mechanism would you use for the metadata storage? EC2 Instances host an application.

The promotional campaign for the application is set to start in 14 days. A mandate from the Management states that traffic growth should not lead to performance problems. What do we need to do to the Auto Scaling Group to satisfy the above condition? To successfully continue the business, the snapshots need to be made accessible in a different region.

How would you achieve this? A business enterprise is hosting an application in AWS. The administration requires the following: We have to assure that the notifications are dispatched when the read requests exceed requests per minute. We have to ensure that the notifications are dispatched when the latency exceeds 10 seconds. Proper monitoring of any API activity that calls for sensitive data. What would you do in this scenario? A business enterprise hosts resources in their AWS Account.

The requirement is to oversee API Activity for all the regions. We have to make sure that the audit is applied even in future regions.

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Staffs and management are friendly. Google Review Site Optimized by GigCodes. Question 1 A business enterprise is in the process of developing a web application to host in AWS. The application requires a data store for session data. You have to mention two ideal ways to store session data. What are they? Question 2 Imagine there are users who upload images through a mobile application. Answer : We have to store data in an S3 bucket and enable versioning.

Amazon S3 is has an option for versioning. We use Versioning to recover previous versions of an object and it is available on the bucket level. Question 4 Imagine a scenario where a requirement is there to host a database on an EC2 Instance. Question 5 The Development teams in your business enterprise, utilize Amazon S3 buckets to store log files for numerous applications.

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Today Cloud computing is fastly emerging the standard among companies that want more flexibility, lower costs, greater efficiencies, and better disaster recovery—to name a few of the benefits. Furthermore, according to GlassDoor. So, you can write the AWS Architect certification exam and pass the exam in the first attempt after completing the course at Zuan Education. This article will help you to get inspired and prepared, so you will succeed in your interview. Elastic Compute Cloud in short EC2 and this provides scalable computing capacity. Using Amazon EC2, you can reduce the need to spend in hardware, leading to faster development and deployment of applications. Therefore, it can scale up or down to manage changes in requirements, decreasing the need to forecast traffic.

These interview questions will help candidates to clear their Job Interview and get the solution architect jobs easily. Amazon EC2 eliminates the requirement to invest in hardware, important to quicker development and operation of applications. You can utilize Amazon EC2 to begin as many virtual servers as required, configure security and networking, and direct storage. It can scale up or down to grip changes in necessities dropping the need to estimate traffic. It lets you direct users, security identification such as admission keys, and permissions that manage which AWS resources users and applications can access. Amazon Route 53 is a scalable and extremely available Domain Name System.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm among enterprises that want more flexibility, greater efficiencies, lower costs, and improved disaster recovery—to name only a few of the benefits. Cloud computing providers are there to make the migrations happen, leading to stiff competition in the cloud-computing space. As typically happens in a rapidly expanding market with high demand, several leaders rose to prominence right away: Amazon Web Services AWS , Microsoft, and Google. Be ready to show your understanding of the key concepts, as well as the latest trends and best practices for working with the AWS architecture with some frequently asked AWS Solutions Architect interview questions. EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud, and it provides scalable computing capacity.

AWS Architect Interview Questions

How to secure your data for transport in the cloud? Answer: Ensure that no one can intercept the data as it moves from point A to point B in the cloud and also checks that there are no data leaks with the encryption key from any storage in the cloud. In addition, you can ensure the security of older data that remains with a cloud vendor after you have no use for it. What is S3? What is it used for?

Explore Now! The questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced AWS professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the answers and explanations here we give.

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