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Home News theremin: an electronic odyssey dvd. Well, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, is a new feature length documentary all about the inventor of the instrument and, as a result, the first pioneer of electronic music , the Russian professor Leon "Lev" Theremin, who invented the wave machine in where you could change the pitch and the volume of the machine just by moving your hands and fingers in front of it.

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A creative genius and prolific inventor, Leon Theremin almost single-handedly launched the field of electronic music in The theremin--the only musical instrument that is played without being touched--created a sensation worldwide and paved the way for the modern synthesizer.

But the otherworldly sound that entranced millions was only part of Theremin's epic life. As a Soviet scientist, Theremin surrendered his life and work to the service of State espionage. On assignment in Depression-era America, he worked the engines of capitalist commerce while passing data on US industrial technology to the Soviet apparat.

Following his sudden disappearance in , Theremin vanished into the top-secret Soviet intelligence machine and was presumed dead for nearly thirty years. Using the same technology that spawned the theremin, he designed bugging devices and a host of other electronic wonders, including an early television and multimedia devices that anticipated performance art and virtual reality by decades.

Albert Glinsky's biography places the inventor at world events stretching from the Russian Revolution through the Cold War to perestroika. Throughout, he spins whimsy and treachery into an astonishing drama of one man's hidden loyalties, mixed motivations, and irrepressibly creative spirit. The haunting wail of the 'theremin' is perhaps best known from the Beach Boys' hit 'Good Vibrations', but Glinsky demonstrates that its inventor deserves to be more than a footnote in the history of modern music.

A fascinating rediscovery of a forgotten man, and a valuable contribution to the history of the future.

A barely imaginable life, lived, to the last, by a true enigma. As a guide book through the twentieth century, Theremin is an incredible story of invention, music, history, science, and espionage--a celebration of pure creativity. Albert Glinsky is an award-winning composer whose music has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East. He is a research fellow and professor of music at Mercyhurst University.

Robert Moog developed the original Moog electronic music synthesizer and was the president of Moog Music Inc. University of Illinois Press. Shopping Cart. Cultural Studies See all Subjects. Close Preview x. Bryan, and Eric Saylor. University of Illinois. Copyright by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.

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Albert Glinsky born December 9, is an American composer and author. His music has been performed internationally by soloists, ensembles, and dance companies. In Glinsky was invited by the family of synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog who wrote the Foreword to Glinsky's Theremin , to create Moog's authorized biography, a project currently in progress. He received his bachelor and master of music degrees in composition from the Juilliard School where his principal teacher was David Diamond. He earned his Ph. They have two children, son, Luka Glinsky, and daughter, Allegra Glinsky.

The theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. It is named after the Russian physics Professor Lev S. Termen who invented it in This musical instrument belongs to a very short list of devices which are played without physical contact between the musician and the instrument. This is a problem when playing in small scenarios, with other musicians which move around it.

Request PDF | On Sep 1, , Ann Warde published Albert Glinsky: Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage [Review Article] | Find, read and.

Study of the Interference Affecting the Performance of the Theremin

Technology and Culture By Albert Glinsky. Champaign: University of Illinois Press,

The riveting story of an eccentric. Full Text Sign-In or Purchase. Download economist september pdf PDF. Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage review. As the inventor of the theremin, the only musical instrument that is played without being.

The theremin - one of the most interesting and difficult instruments to play. Even more interesting is the story behind it. Take a look. T43 G6 library stacks Lev Sergeyevich Teremin Leo Theremin , brilliant Russian scientist and inventor, singlehandedly launched the field of electronic music with the instrument that bears his name.

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Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage (Music in American Life) [Glinsky, Albert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Theremin: Ether Music.

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