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Information focuses on organizing, analyzing, and retrieving data that deals with facts and figures. It is relevant data that has a purpose but does not in and of itself convey knowledge. Knowledge is more difficult to define.

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The nonsense of 'knowledge management'

The growth of 'knowledge management' as a strategy of consultancy companies is one of a series of such strategies dating from Taylor's 'scientific management' of the early part of the last century. In the late s, the 'human relations school' emerged out of research between and at the Western Electric Hawthorne Works in Chicago Mayo, and had a considerable influence in the emerging consultancy companies after the Second World War. In the second half of the last century, the pace of new techniques quickened considerably: we have seen not in chronological order and not a complete list :. These have sometimes been called management fads and fashions, but it would be wrong to assume that, for that reason, they all lacked effectiveness when applied in organizations. Some, however, have been disastrous: Stephen Roach, Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley, was a strong protagonist for downsizing, arguing that it was the cure for any company's problems, but in he reversed that opinion, arguing that, on the contrary, it could be a recipe for industrial disaster. Jenkins reports Cameron, a researcher in organizational behaviour, as saying that, "downsizing [is] the most pervasive yet unsuccessful change effort in the business world". Some techniques fail, or at least are dropped from the repertoire, because they are Utopian in character: organizations are told that the technique must be applied throughout the organization for the full benefits to be achieved.

For many years I resisted offering a definition for knowledge management because whenever I included a definition in a talk this would become the main focus of attention. It seemed many people would zero in on a particular word or concept and often ignore the larger message of the talk. After years of sidestepping the question, JoAnn and I developed a general definition that we felt described the essence of KM. Recognizing that a single, non-segment specific, definition might not serve everyone's needs, we often recommended "definition seekers" search the web. To simplify this search process, we have gathered a collection of more than KM definitions. We have very deliberately provided a broad selection of KM definitions: some are from academics, while others are from practitioners, some are from the government, others from the for-profit sector, and still others are from the not for profits.

Knowledge Management Examples: Systems and Types

Knowledge management KM is the process of finding, distributing, and using knowledge about an organization effectively in a multi-disciplined approach. Information Systems for Knowledge Management brings together leading authors in this field to discuss implementing KM through networks and information technology. Individual chapters cover various topics in the field, including assessing community maturity from a KM perspective; social networks; sociocultural KM in computer-supported collaborative learning; argumentation-based rough set theory and KM; using tacit knowledge in collaborative decision-making; information management in microblogs; KM systems in the legal domain; core ontologies; a multicriteria decision-making approach for business process evaluation; and a collaborative approach for knowledge codification, knowledge engineering methods and knowledge transfer. Her research interests include knowledge management, organizational memory, information systems, ontology, group decision-making and decision support systems. Her main research topics are: modeling languages UML , decision aid, knowledge acquisition, knowledge management, and information systems. His research interests include business information systems, business intelligence, multimedia information systems, and ontology.

Knowledge management KM is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. An established discipline since , [3] KM includes courses taught in the fields of business administration , information systems , management, library, and information sciences. Many large companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations have resources dedicated to internal KM efforts, often as a part of their business strategy , IT , or human resource management departments. Knowledge management efforts typically focus on organisational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage , innovation , the sharing of lessons learned , integration and continuous improvement of the organisation. Knowledge management efforts have a long history, including on-the-job discussions, formal apprenticeship , discussion forums , corporate libraries, professional training, and mentoring programs.

The term "knowledge management" arose in the s. The most important goal of knowledge management is ensuring that an organization's data and information are collected and stored in such a way that makes it effective and efficient for employees or customers to find and use the necessary data. The primary focus of knowledge management is to ensure that necessary information is captured, stored and distributed in a way that makes it easy for people within an organization to access and use it. Knowledge management is a discipline described by industry expert Duhon described as one "that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets. An organization has different types of information assets. They can include things like policies, procedures, documents, and information that certain employees know but isn't written down anywhere. A knowledge management system KMS can help ensure that valuable organizational knowledge isn't lost because an employee who no longer works there is the only one who knew the information or where to find it.

PDF | On May 19, , Sheikh Mohd and others published Information & Knowledge Management System: Beyond the Traditional Systems.

Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management

Before you go, grab this eBook — it explains how you can make your information governance stronger with proper data discovery and classification. Accordingly, more and more businesses are looking to transition from information management to knowledge management systems. But what exactly are the differences between knowledge management and information management?

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Information and knowledge have profoundly transformed businesses, organizations and society. Knowledge management promises concepts and instruments that help organizations to provide an environment supportive of knowledge creation, sharing and application.

Knowledge is very important for survival of organization.

Knowledge Management and Information Systems

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The nonsense of 'knowledge management'

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The nonsense of 'knowledge management'


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PDF | Sustainable knowledge management (KM) is considered to assume an undeniably significant "Information systems strategy matrix" .

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