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Published: 12.12.2020

Globalization and Human Rights in the Developing World

Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya : The triumph of globalization at the expense of minority discriminations? The neoliberal theorists argue that globalization lead to growth and development which in turn generates respect for basic human rights and thereby lowering discrimination against minorities. This leads to a preconceived notion of threat to their survival by the minorities who perceive themselves as the losers from globalization policies. These negative perceptions are often used to mobilize and show their dissent and opposition to the neoliberal policies, allowing governments to resort to repressive measures. We unpack the arguments taking the perspectives of both sides into consideration and test several dimensions of minority discriminations under the conditions of globalization. Using the sample of 76 countries for the period — , our findings reveal a strong positive association between globalization and decline in two forms of minority discriminations viz.

This development poses challenges to international human rights law, because for the most part that law has been designed to restrain abuses by powerful states and state agents. While globalization has enhanced the ability of civil society to function across borders and promote human rights, other actors have gained the power to violate human rights in unforeseen ways. This Article looks at the legal frameworks for globalization and for human rights, then asks to what extent globalization is good for human rights and to what extent human rights are good for globalization. It then considers several legal responses to globalization as they relate to the promotion and protection of human rights. This Article concludes that responses to globalization are significantly changing international law and institu-tions in order to protect persons from violations of human rights committed by non-state actors.

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of globalization and its multiple dimensions on human rights in Sub-Saharan Africa. The study extends the Poe and Tate model, which enumerates the various determinants of human rights. Ordered probit estimation is used to estimate the impact of globalization and its dimensions. For the purpose of empirical analysis, the period has been divided into three phases: short, medium and long term. This helps in understanding how the impact of the different dimensions of globalization has evolved over a period of time. Furthermore, analysis has been carried out to detect causality between human rights and globalization.

Impact of globalization on human rights: evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Ifrane - The phenomenon of globalization has attracted more attention than perhaps any other subject in recent times. However, it has become increasingly evident over the last decades that globalization has a negative impact on the enjoyment of human rights, particularly the economic, social and cultural rights, which are guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights UDHR , Article 27, and in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ICESCR , Article In the past, civil and political rights have been given much consideration in theory and practice due to the consequences of WWII, while economic, social and cultural rights have been neglected. Hence, should priority not be given to the enjoyment of economic, social, and cultural rights, since globalization has created novel threats to our diverse world? Ifrane — The phenomenon of globalization has attracted more attention than perhaps any other subject in recent times. For this reason, in certain parts of the world, the enjoyment of some fundamental rights, such as the right to work, is only permissible at the price of abandonment of cultural identity, particularly language and specific lifestyle.

Globalization and Human Rights

The most systematic attempt yet to untangle the often contradictory impacts of globalization on human rights. Transnational integration and increased mobility can simultaneously strengthen and diminish the protection of individual rights and the dignity of individuals. Globalized markets have facilitated more monitoring of social conditions but have also opened up more opportunities for economic exploitation.

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Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights

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Two features of modern globalization are an emerging global human rights culture and the growing trend toward democratization.

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This paper discusses the linkages between globalization and human rights.

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