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Chapter 7: Infectious Diseases

Current social and economic factors have resulted in increasing numbers of children attending child-care facilities outside of the home. These costs have been estimated at 1. Host and environmental factors and organism characteristics contribute to the transmission of infectious agents in the out-of-home care setting. Host factors include age-specific personal hygiene, immunologic maturation, and physiologic factors. Young children are known for their propensity to contaminate the environment with respiratory tract secretions, urine, and feces. Immunologically naive, they are vulnerable to infection after maternal antibodies disappear and before the development of their own protective antibodies.

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6 State Strategies To Improve Child Care Policies During the Pandemic and Beyond

Millions of American families rely on access to child care in order to work. It needs significant public investment to survive this current crisis and meet the needs of families both during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. The current system simply does not work for the majority of families who rely on it. Thousands of child care providers who were already struggling to survive financially have been unable to weather the economic shock of the necessary public health restrictions. Many providers have had to close, and those who are still operating face an average 45 percent increase in the cost to provide care.

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This article published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 21 Issue, Number 22, contains an outline of infection risk factors in childcare centres and preventative measures for management of infectious diseases. Over one-third of all under five year old Australian children use some form of licensed child care. The majority of research on infectious diseases in children using care, mainly emanating from North America and Scandinavia, suggests that children in preschool or long day care suffer more frequent infections and more days of illness than those cared for at home or in family day care. In order to minimise these risks it is necessary to apply infection control principles. In this article infection risk factors are outlined and recommendations for immunisation, preventative practices, the use of antibiotics and outbreak management are presented.

Infectious diseases

Sign up to receive Epidemiology Reports email updates. Reportable diseases selected for Hennepin County Year-end Reports are available for years prior to by request. Please email epi-envhlth hennepin. The infectious diseases in childcare settings and schools manual informs administrators, childcare providers, caregivers, parents and guardians, and school health staff about specific infectious disease problems they may encounter in the childcare setting or in schools. This manual is designed to provide specific disease prevention and control guidelines which are consistent with the national standards put forth by the American Public Health Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Infectious diseases and daycare and preschool education. Maria M. I Mestre. OBJECTIVE: To describe the increased risk of acquiring infectious diseases associated with out-of-home childcare and the effectiveness of measures for the control and prevention of diseases transmission at daycare and preschool education centers. SOURCES: A review of literature in the MEDLINE, LILACS and Cochrane Library databases, found using the descriptors daycare, infection, infection control and infectious diseases and focusing on studies that have compared the risk of infectious diseases for children cared for in and out of the home, related risk to the type of out-of-home care and assessed the effectiveness of preventative measures.

Infection control in child care settings


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Infectious diseases and daycare and preschool education.

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Attendance at a child care facility may expose a child to the risk of acquiring infectious diseases for several reasons.

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