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America the Beautiful Passes

Born to a New York City merchant in , Melville fought for a greatness that would not be realized during his lifetime. Melville's father supported his seven children importing French dry goods, but in he decided to try his luck in the fur business in Albany, NY. Within two years, the family was bankrupt and Herman's father died suddenly.

Melville and his siblings left school to work in the family fur and cap business, with Melville working several other jobs as well -- filling in teaching positions at local schools, working on his uncle's farm, and clerking in a local bank. Despite these difficulties, Herman Melville read extensively on his own, consuming mythology, anthropology, and history. He was fascinated with Shakespeare's poetic devices and their ability to capture an audience.

Melville's captivation with the terrifying grandeur of whales, the audacity of whalers, and the relationship between the two would be a motivating factor behind his writing.

The thrilling adventure that occurred during the next three years would satiate his desire for excitement and provide him with his material for his first three novels. Briefly jailed, Melville escaped and sailed to the nearby island Eimeo, where he worked on a potato farm. In October , Melville returned to his mother's house determined to write about his adventures.

His subsequent writings borrowed from his own experiences as well as other peoples' fantastic stories that he heard during his travels. Because of his extensive experience as a seaman and a whaler, his descriptions of life out at sea were comprehensive and unflinchingly accurate. His first manuscript, a tale in which the narrator, Tommo, is captured by Typee cannibals, was initially rejected in the United States because publishers refused to believe the validity of the story.

The story was finally accepted in London, where Melville's older brother, Gansevoort, was working for the American Legation. Lauded for its ethnographic focus exploring the relationship between a New Englander and a foreign culture, Melville's story gained even more popularity after one of Herman's former crewmates came forward to validate its factual base.

In the midst of his initial years as a profitable author, Melville married Elizabeth Shaw, daughter of the chief justice of Massachusetts and a close family friend. The chief justice, Lemuel Shaw, would later support Melville in the late s during his financial struggles. With his new bride, Melville moved to New York City to live with his younger brother, mother, and four sisters in late Despite these crowded quarters, Melville was able to continue writing, and he finished two more novels within two years.

These attempts to inflate his image as an author won him general acclaim and the novels were modest hits. Melville moved on to his most prolific endeavor yet -- a story about one man's need to conquer and kill a great white whale. Melville had first thought of the idea after reading a article by Jeremiah N. Hawthorne provided Melville with precious feedback on his manuscript, and encouraged him to change his current draft, a detailed account of whaling, into an allegorical novel.

The allegorical undertones that Melville cultivated throughout the novel picked up on the link between whaling and a midth century emerging American identity. The ship captain, Ahab, has lost his leg to Moby Dick on a previous expedition, and he is motivated to the point of derangement by revenge for the whale's life. Many critics were impressed with the detailed account of whaling voyages, but during Melville's entire lifetime, the book sold only 3, copies.

Interest in maritime adventures was dwindling as Americans were setting their imaginations towards the potential in the West. A trip to Europe to visit his friend Hawthorne in October did little to lighten his melancholy over a lost dream of literary fame.

He toured the country from to , giving lectures on various topics such as "Statues in Rome," "The South Seas," and the vague subject of "Traveling. The chronological piece included depictions of all types of soldiers from both sides of the war, rendered accurately from a trip to the war front to visit his cousin the year before. Further heartache befell Melville when his oldest son, Malcolm, committed suicide in Again Melville turned to travel to gain perspective and possible writing material.

The novel has been described as both an allegory to the push west the prairie being the sea and the Gold Rush the gold being the whale , and it has been taught in classrooms worldwide for its successful combination of philosophical speculation, Shakespearean rhetoric and dramatic staging while moving an intelligent and authentic, albeit fantastic, plot.

The ramifications that Americans can take from reading Melville center around the immoral manifestation of the democratic ideal that Americans were facing during the height of the whaling industry and one that we still battle with today. Explore the life of singer Marian Anderson and her triumphant concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Goin' Back to T-Town: Revisit a thriving Black community in Tulsa, which rebuilt after a racially-motivated massacre. Discover the fascinating story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the groundbreaking cryptanalyst who helped bring down gangsters and break up a Nazi spy ring in South America.

Her work helped lay the foundation for modern codebreaking today. Tim Smith assembled a team of scientists and historians to determine the effects of 19th century American offshore whaling.

Support Provided by: Learn More. The Codebreaker Discover the fascinating story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the groundbreaking cryptanalyst who helped bring down gangsters and break up a Nazi spy ring in South America.

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Volume 3, Number 2 (1973)

The founding director, Alfred Heber Holbrook, gave them to the museum. Virtual Family Day includes an activity page and a free art activity kit. Alfred Heber Holbrook started the museum in with his donation of works of art. The museum is both part of the University of Georgia and the official state art museum. Since , it has continued to collect important works of art.

The president's campaign is requesting a recount in the state. Georgia's nearly 5 million votes in the presidential race will be counted for a third time, as President Trump's campaign has formally asked for a recount because his loss is within the legal margin for that request. Of the 4,, ballots cast in the race between Trump and President-elect Joe Biden, the president lost by 12, votes , or about 0. State law allows a losing candidate within 0. While thousands of workers spent most of the last week hand-counting every vote as part of a newly required statewide risk-limiting audit , this recount will be different. The law calls for a recount to be conducted by retabulating every ballot through a scanner, the same way they were originally counted in the days following the Nov.

Georgia Studies Digital Textbook - Student Edition

Born to a New York City merchant in , Melville fought for a greatness that would not be realized during his lifetime. Melville's father supported his seven children importing French dry goods, but in he decided to try his luck in the fur business in Albany, NY. Within two years, the family was bankrupt and Herman's father died suddenly.

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The Georgia Studies digital textbook is a free resource aligned to the Georgia standards for 8th grade social studies. It contains 10 units of study along with support materials. Click here to watch a brief tutorial on the features and functions of the student edition of the Georgia Studies digital textbook. The archaeological history of the state from prehistoric to colonial Georgia is explored, including a survey of native civilizations and the effects of European contact, exploration, and settlement. Georgia was first settled by the British and transitioned from a trustee to a royal colony during its formative years. Early colonial life and culture are surveyed, with profiles of Georgia and the New South are explored in the context of Reconstruction, including the competing visions for advancing southern politics and the economy, as well as challenges experienced in assimilating

Becoming America: An Exploration of American Literature from Precolonial to Post-Revolution

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Trump Requests Georgia Recount, Meaning 5 Million Votes Will Be Tabulated A 3rd Time

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