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asclepius collection and interpretation of the testimonies pdf

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The purpose of this paper is to highlight some old discoveries from Colonia Dacia Sarmizegetusa CDS , more precisely a terracotta arm and a few terracotta fingers which, most likely, could be associated with a ritual healing process in local temples. For a complete analysis, this paper approaches the topic of the anatomical votive terracotta phenomenon by examining the contextual relationship between all votive objects and the cult structures which may be connected to them. Apulum 22 77 —

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In an excavation in Ephesus brought to light a series of inscriptions recording the results of medical contests that took place at the city over the two days of the Great Asclepieia during the 2nd century CE. Because of the fragmentary character of the inscriptions and the lack of literary sources, origin, proceedings and purpose of these competitions were vigorously debated among both doctors and classical scholars, however, the context of these unique contests was neglected. The aim of this paper is to offer a new frame of interpretation for the medical contests by setting the epigraphic evidence in a broader context. On the basis of other Ephesian inscriptions and references in the oeuvre of Galen, it will be argued that the participants belonged to a close, intellectual circle with connections to the emperors and the elite. Thus the competition should not to be viewed as a common practice for choosing civic physicians, but as public medical lectures or presentations epideixis , which were very popular at the time. The Great Asclepieia of Ephesus provided an excellent opportunity for this elite body of physicians to demonstrate their medical proficiency and competence to the community, and to show their talent to wealthier patients.

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Asclepius: Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies Microcosm: E. Coli and the New Science of Life (Vintage) [email protected]@.

Asclepius: A Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies

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Western culture's demands of integrity, sacrifice, and compassion from its physician healers have roots in the mythic traditions of ancient Greece. By understanding these traditions, modern physicians can better understand their patients' expectations and the high expectations physicians often have for themselves. As a physicianhero, Asklepios exemplified the ideal physician and the pitfalls he or she may face. With the progressive deification of Asklepios and the spread of his worship first in Greece and then in the Roman empire, Asklepios became generally recognized as the god of healing and served as an object of supplication, particularly for the poor and disregarded.

This paper suggests that Socrates was executed for questioning the imperialistic actions of Athens in the Peloponnesian War by elevating the emerging cult of Asklepios and advocating for Asklepian ideals. He looks to the only god then known to revive the dead to help his ideas and spirit live on. Socrates calls us from the past to remember timeless Asklepian physician duties to self, patients, and community. Socrates reminds modern physicians of their personal duty to make their own spiritual health their first priority, their professional duty to comfort the sick and alleviate suffering, and their societal duty to advocate for the vulnerable, sick, and suffering and the health of the public. Crito, we owe a cock to Asklepios - Pay it and do not neglect it [ 1 ].

Asclepius: Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies [Edelstein, Prof Emma J., Edelstein, Prof Ludwig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

Ludwig Edelstein 23 April — 16 August was a classical scholar and historian of medicine. He attended the University of Berlin from and received his Ph. He was married to Emma J. Levy on 25 Oct. Because he and his wife were Jewish , Edelstein lost his academic position and had to flee from Germany in when the Nazis came to power.

This article is only available in the PDF format. Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. Emma and Ludwig Edelstein have accomplished a difficult task in exemplary fashion with the publication of their "Asclepius. The encyclopedic character of the work, the breadth of view everywhere in evidence is reminiscent of the prewar era of German scholarship and augurs well for the future enrichment of our own contributions in this direction.


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