A Dialogue On Personal Identity And Immortality Pdf

a dialogue on personal identity and immortality pdf

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Definition of Survival : To survive means that there would be someone for whom it would be appropriate for me to anticipate having their future experiences.

You are a person. Presumably, you used to be a younger person. But, in virtue of what is it the case that you and that younger person are one and the same individual? In other words, how is it that you continue to exist over time?

Personal Identity and Ethics

What justifies our holding one person over another morally responsible for a past action? Why am I justified in having a special prudential concern for one particular future person over all others? Why do many of us think that maximizing the good within a single life is perfectly acceptable, but maximizing the good across lives is wrong? For these and other normative questions, it looks like any answer we come up with will have to make essential reference to personal identity. So, for instance, it seems we are justified in holding X responsible for some past action only if X is identical to the person who performed that action.

The lecture focuses on the question of the metaphysical key to personal identity. What does it mean for a person that presently exists to be the very same person in the future? Difficulties with that approach are then discussed, independent of the question whether souls exist or not. Chapter 1. For those of you who still do believe in the existence of souls, I suppose you could take a great deal of the discussion that follows as some form of large conditional or subjunctive. First, we had to get clear on, what am I? What are my parts?

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Perry-A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality.pdf

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Perry's excellent dialogue makes a complicated topic stimulating and accessible without any sacrifice of scholarly accuracy or thoroughness. Professionals will.

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(PDF Download) A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality (Hackett Philosophical Dialogues)

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Personal Identity: What’s the Problem?

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A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality by John Perry (). This is a record of conversations of Gretchen Weirob, a teacher of philosophy at a small.