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Arms and the man summary pdf free download. Arms and the Man is a play for the theatre. It was Shaw's first effort for the stage, and did not enjoy success critically or financially initially, but it has become quite a famous and often-performed play.

A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw. Transform this Plot Summary into a Study Guide. Best-known for Man and Superman , Pygmalion , and his political protest-play about prostitution Mrs. Raina has romantic ideas about war, and she is delighted by this news.

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The play is set in Bulgaria and set during the brief Bulgarian-Serbian war in the s. It opens with the young romantic Raina Petkoff and her mother Catherine talking excitedly about a successful cavalry charge led by the handsome and heroic Sergius , to whom Raina is betrothed. They are thrilled at his success. Their defiant young servant Louka comes in and tells them that there will be fighting in the streets soon, and that they should lock all of their windows. He is a Swiss professional soldier fighting for Servia. Though he fights for the enemy and is not in the least heroic he fears for his life, threatens to cry, and carries chocolates instead of ammo Raina is touched by his plight. He angers her when he tells her that the man who led the cavalry charge against them only succeeded because he got extremely lucky—the Servians were not equipped with the right ammo.

Thinking him childish, Raina offers the soldier some chocolate creams, which he devours hungrily. He announces that the war has ended with a feeling of peace, upsetting his wife Catherine who believes Bulgaria should have annexed Serbia. As Raina exits, Louka enters and announces that a Swiss officer is at the door. Major Petkoff wonders about the fate of his old lost coat. Raina begins posturing, complaining how mortally wounded she is by having to lie for him. Raina admits to behaving theatrically and suspects Bluntschli must despise her. On the contrary, Bluntschli is charmed by her posturing but cannot take it seriously.

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Arms and the Man was one of Shaw's first commercial successes. He was called onto stage after the curtain, where he received enthusiastic applause. Amidst the cheers, one audience member booed. Shaw replied, in characteristic fashion, "My dear fellow, I quite agree with you, but what are we two against so many? Arms and the Man is a humorous play that shows the futility of war and deals comedically with the hypocrisies of human nature.

The play begins in the fall of during the Serbo-Bulgarian War. Raina, a Bulgarian woman from a wealthy family, learns from her mother, Catherine, that the Bulgarian cavalry have won a battle against the Serbs. Louka, their servant, enters and warns Catherine and Raina that escaped Serbs fleeing the battlefield might be in the area, seeking refuge in the houses of Bulgarian families. Raina is not worried, and chooses to keep her window unlocked. In the night, a man enters the room through the unlocked window and says he will kill Raina if she makes a noise. The man is Swiss and an escaped soldier, fighting as a mercenary for the Serbians.

The play unfolds in Bulgaria in , towards the end of the Serbo-Bulgarian War. Louka , the household maid, enters to announce that the windows must be locked, as fleeing Serbian troops are being hunted down in the streets. Bulgarian soldiers arrive, asking to inspect the room, and Raina, overwhelmed by a moment of compassion, hides the enemy soldier behind her curtains. Louka is the only one who sees through the deception, but she only smirks and leaves in silence. Once safe, the soldier comes out from hiding and explains he is a Swiss mercenary for the Serbian army. He admits to Raina that he does not carry cartridges for his gun, only chocolates, as these are more practical for a starving soldier.

A very intelligent and capable man, he plans to open his own shop eventually. Page 4. 4. Plot Summary. ACT I. The play.

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Shaw was already a celebrity arts critic and socialist lecturer when he wrote Arms and the Man in One of Shaw's earliest attempts at writing for the theatre, it was also his first commercial success as a playwright. Although it played for only one season at an avant-garde theatre, thanks to the financial backing of a friend, it was later produced in America in

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Arms and the Man PDF. In the next act the war has ended, and Major Petkoff (​Raina's father) arrives home, and Sergius and Raina are reunited. They speak.