The Philadelphia Experiment And Other Ufo Conspiracies Pdf

the philadelphia experiment and other ufo conspiracies pdf

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The Philadelphia Experiment is one of the most grotesque military urban legends ever — and it has endured as an infamous World War II conspiracy theory. But is there any truth to it? Let's take a look. According to legend, on Oct. The rumor was that the government was creating technology that would render naval ships invisible to enemy radar, and there in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, it was time to test it out.

Montauk Project

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Inside the Real-Life Time-Travel Experiment That Inspired 'Stranger Things'

The fan frenzy is a testament to the megahit's intricately layered details. While we've gone deep on many aspects of our favorite show from this summer, one element of the series' backstory bears closer examination: a real-life government experiment that inspired Stranger Things , known among paranormal buffs as the "Montauk Project. The cultural phenomenon that we now know as Stranger Things was sold under the working title Montauk , and before producers switched the setting to a small town in Indiana, the eerie action of Season 1 was going to take place way out at the eastern end of Long Island. But the thread looped through the eight Stranger Things episodes, the idea that contact between Eleven and the Demogorgon may have opened the portal to the Upside Down, has roots in an incident that conspiracy theorists believe occurred in Montauk in , and ended secret experiments that the US military had been conducting on children for four decades.

In l the Navy accomplished the teleportation of a warship from Phila to Norfolk by successfully applying Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The experiment also caused the crew and officers of the ship to become invisible during which time they were sent to a time space warm. One survivor tells his amazing experience. Alfred Bielek has appeared along with the author on the Art Bell show many times.

Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment supposed to have been carried out by the U. The U.

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The protest of wheels on rails worked along the cars and the train stopped finally. Jessup, by Commander X and Timothy Green Beckley, In , Alfred Bielek,[11][12] a self-proclaimed former crew-member of USS Eldridge and an alleged participant in the Experiment,[13] supported the version as it was portrayed in the film. He added details of his claims through the Internet, some of which were picked up by mainstream news outlets. Gus Bernhardt, his face as red as a boiled lobster, hemmed and hawed as he tried to field eighty questions at once, most of them accusatory. Why had he not informed the public of the danger. How could the authorities let such a dangerous man walk around free. Sergeant Ferro was so tired and disgusted by all that had happened that he had the perverse urge to let the chief sink under the tide of questions, but a couple of the city journalists recognized him and immediately he was barraged.

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