Design And The Spirit Of Critical Utopianism Pdf Design History Society Conference 2015

design and the spirit of critical utopianism pdf design history society conference 2015

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Published: 06.01.2021

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This essay offers an account of one profession's attempt to come to terms with the meaning of work in a context of economic and technological flux. Bound from the beginning to the mass-production tool of the printing press, graphic design has consistently been implicated in mechanization. For early designers — even those with no known objection to machine production — the rationalization and deskilling of work were thus unavoidable practical issues.

Design History Society

One of the most intriguing tasks of the theme and thesis of this issue of e-flux journal is the imagining and reframing of cultural and aesthetic practice in decidedly post-capitalist terms—that is, as embedded in and engendered by processes of globally networked solidarity, diversity, cooperation, interdependence, and so forth. I would like to begin by supplementing the notion of practice with the notion of design, which may provide the discussion with an initial spin. As Hardt points out, the immanence of design—the fact that design cannot be escaped because it effectively organizes post-Fordist subjectivity, both materially and metaphorically—necessitates a political and ontological reframing of design discourse, as a discourse on being as both designed and designing. That said, a perspective might be proposed that goes beyond well-rehearsed figures of critique, namely, those accusing design and its practitioners of being complicit with capitalist commodification and, ultimately, exploitation; or looking at the neoliberal city in the only way that seems viable and acceptable from and for a position of the radical Left: as something to be relentlessly opposed, denounced, and scandalized. Lists and examples of urban injustices like uneven development, gentrification, and zero-tolerance policing make for an appropriate corrective to the historical account of capitalist development but fall short of any transformational consequence.

New political, technological, and economic forces are changing the ways development is designed, practiced, and experienced today, in poor and rich countries alike. Three interrelated elements, in particular, deserve our analytical attention: a geopolitically and economically unsettled global order, smart information and communication technologies, and extreme inter- and intra-country inequities. By transforming practices of accumulation, surveillance, and redistribution, these factors shape the experience of development in significant ways. Some foreign investments are driven by private capital, others are state-led. Some initiatives are for profit, others are designated as development aid. Other projects are driven and funded by local actors.

2020 – Virtual Conference

The history of social design goes back several decades. Following Victor Margolin, we argue that the mainstream of social design has built on utopic visions of society that have had their roots variously in technology, architecture and politics. In this paper, we argue there are new forms of social design that are not utopic, but rather build on other premises. We distinguish two new forms, molecular social design and sociological social design. The former is happy to change society one step at the time without a larger vision. The latter builds on sociological theory to target the social structures that produce social inequalities and the practices that maintain them. Relevance to Design Practice — This paper clarifies the ideological basis of social design.

Design Methodology: from the interpretation of Portuguese interior design projects through Virtual Reality. Raposo, J. Silva Eds. Virtual Reality for Interior Design History. The Ofir House as experimental project. Neves, J. Silva, L.

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The Design History Society is an arts history organisation founded in to promote and The annual DHS Conference provides an international platform for interdisciplinary approaches to research and critical debate in design history. , Design and the Spirit of Critical Utopianism, California College of the Arts.

Paul Atkinson FRSA, FHEA

The Design History Society is an arts history organisation founded in [1] to promote and support the study and understanding of design history. The Society undertakes a range of charitable activities intended to encourage and support research and scholarship, to offer information and create networking opportunities, to foster student participation and public recognition of the subject, and to support regional links and events. The Society welcomes members from related disciplines such as anthropology, architecture and art history, business history, the history of science and technology, craft history, cultural studies, economic and social history, design and design management studies. An elected Executive Committee and Board of Trustees works to enable the activities of the Society, and to ensure that design history is appropriately represented in higher education and research bodies in the UK.

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Hidden Labor and the Delight of Otherness: Design and Post-Capitalist Politics

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This report to the AGM summarises the activity The DHS Annual Conference marks another the Spirit of Critical Utopianism.


Muhammad B.


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