Indias External Intelligence Secrets Of Research And Analysis Wing Raw Pdf

indias external intelligence secrets of research and analysis wing raw pdf

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Beyond that, the reaction to the book has ignited sharp debate over why India, which likes to trumpet its 60 years of independence, continues to cling to a colonial-era Official Secrets Act inherited from British rulers, who used it to control a population increasingly restless for freedom. Efforts to amend the law have come up empty. But proponents of reform hope the current storm will give the drive an added push. Among their ranks now is Maj. Singh, 63, left a lifetime of military service in to join RAW in its communications intelligence department, where he worked for nearly four years.

India's External Intelligence: Secrets Of Research And Analysis Wing [RAW]

In the morning newspapers. In his oleaginous history of this agency — and its operatives — it seems Yadav, a New Delhi-based investigative journalist, was provided access to normally unobtainable classified official documents, including a raft of secret inter and intra-departmental and hush-hush cross-ministerial exchanges and analyses. Several of its 11 chapters are dedicated to extended RAW operations in the US, Canada and other European capitals for nearly two decades, till the late s targeting Sikh separatists seeking Khalistan via an amalgam of ham-handed psyops, inept recruitment of moles and amateurish cloak-and-dagger routines. Mathur who is one of the more animated RAW agents portrayed by Yadav also displays what passes for high principles of espionage philosophy. Undeterred, he goes on to argue that unless persons employed in clandestine work make the utmost effort to protect classified documents and information, it would be impossible to prevent leaks. Carbon papers, previously used before the advent of computers, too were to be similarly burnt. This article was first published in The Tribune.

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Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. Post a comment. However, the various issues raised by Singh, are valid and important and Singh has, in my opinion, done yeoman service to India by writing this book. Is there a need to have better oversight over RAW, which according to Singh functions in a manner corrupt and inefficient not much different from any other department of the Indian government? Since intelligence obtained through technical sources, such as wiretapping etc. The answers to all of this is, according to Singh, an unequivocal Yes.

Research and Analysis Wing

But despite being a crucial part of the external intelligence system of a democracy as big as India, RAW is surprisingly well-shielded from parliamentary and public scrutiny. Singh seeks to lift the veil off the face of RAW and reveal the activities proceeding underneath. Major Singh explores how equipment was procured at exorbitant prices by fudging technical parameters, how moles are recruited by foreign intelligence agencies, how money changes hands at the cost of security, and how a lack of accountability has permeated the entire system. Singh, an expert in high altitude and counter insurgency operations, held various key positions throughout his career in the Indian Army. He was also a part of the Bangladesh war. On March 31, , he ascended to the post of Chief of Army Staff.

The agency's primary function is gathering foreign intelligence , counter-terrorism , counter-proliferation , advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India's foreign strategic interests. Prior to the inception of the Research and Analysis Wing, overseas intelligence collection was primarily the responsibility of the Intelligence Bureau IB , which was created by the British raj. In , sensing the political turmoil in the world which eventually led to the Second World War , the Intelligence Bureau's responsibilities were increased to include the collection of intelligence along India's borders. Having been depleted of trained manpower by the exit of the British after Indian independence , Pillai tried to run the bureau on MI5 lines. In , Pillai organised a small foreign intelligence operation, but the Indian debacle in the Sino-Indian War of showed it to be ineffective. Foreign intelligence failure during the Sino-Indian War led then-Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to order a dedicated foreign intelligence agency to be established. The Indira Gandhi administration decided that a full-fledged second security service was needed.

The ongoing dispute in Kashmir continues to fuel these clashes, but experts say Afghanistan may be emerging as the new battleground. As a result, India established a dedicated external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing. RAW claims that it contributed to several foreign policy successes:. But the organization has been criticized for its lack of coordination with domestic intelligence and security agencies, weak analytical capabilities, and complete lack of transparency. Not much is known regarding the structure of RAW, say experts. It has since expanded to several thousand personnel, but its staffing and budget remain secret. However, an estimate by the U.

India's External Intelligence: Secrets of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) [​Major General V. K. Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers​.

India's External Intelligence: Secrets of Research and Analysis Wing RAW

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Book on India’s spy agency hits a nerve

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