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With full scale voltage. Flash What is a sample and hold which the voltage across the capacitor is held constant is called hold period. Give any two advantages of SA provides excellent noise rejection of ac signals whose periods are integral Forums.

Types of A/D Converters - The Ultimate Guide

View Answer, 5. For a dual-slope converter, describe what occurs during the fixed time interval and the countinterval. Explanation: The main disadvantage of dual slope ADC is the long conversion time. Each element carries radio frequency current in the same phase and of magnitude 0. It is used in the design of digital voltmeter. Were the solution steps not detailed enough? View Answer, 7.

The Single- and Dual-slope Analog to Digital Converters

In general, first it converts the analog input into a linear function of time or frequency and then it will produce the digital binary output. This tradeoff between conversion time and resolution is inherent in this implementation. The switch should be placed between the voltage measured and the reference voltage negative. If the ADC is calibrated at 25 o C and the operating temperature ranges from 0 o C to 50 o C, then the maximum net temperature coefficient of the ADC should not exceed The device contains the integrator, zero crossing comparator and processor interface logic. It is also known as the parallel ADC converter. It consists of a number of comparators.

A flash type ADC produces an equivalent digital output for a corresponding analog input in no time. Then a known reference voltage of opposite polarity is applied to the integrator and is allowed to ramp until the integrator output returns to zero the run-down period. An integrating ADC also dual-slope or multi-slope ADC applies the unknown input voltage to the input of an integrator and allows the voltage to ramp for a fixed time period the run-up period. Dual Slope type ADC. A dual-slope ADC, on the other hand, averages together all the spikes and dips within the integration period, thus providing an output with greater noise immunity. Converters of this type or Figure 2.

However, this is not our only option. It is possible to avoid using a DAC if we substitute an analog ramping circuit and a digital counter with precise timing. The is the basic idea behind the so-called single-slope , or integrating ADC. Instead of using a DAC with a ramped output, we use an op-amp circuit called an integrator to generate a sawtooth waveform which is then compared against the analog input by a comparator. The time it takes for the sawtooth waveform to exceed the input signal voltage level is measured by means of a digital counter clocked with a precise-frequency square wave usually from a crystal oscillator. The basic schematic diagram is shown here:.

dual slope integrating type adc

For the ADCs discussed to this point, a time-varying signal was sampled or the ADC operated so rapidly that, for practical purposes, the signal did not change during a single conversion. Now we go to the other time extreme. What if there is a noisy signal, and we desire to digitize its average value?

maximum conversion time of dual slope adc

A single ADC cell no control or bias circuitry.

Slope (integrating) ADC

Skip down to the Main ADC technologies to see details about each of the types. Every technology has features and capabilities that drive its use in the market. With ADCs these include:.

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We explain why the slightly more complicated dual-slope ADC is generally a better choice of ADC than the single-slope converter. Keywords. single-slope.



After that, the spring is uncoupled from the shaft and allowed to unwind at a fixed rate, the time for it to unwind back to a relaxed state measured by a timer device.

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This tradeoff between conversion time and resolution is inherent in this implementation.

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