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online personal branding processes challenges and implications pdf

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Building a personal brand in this modern age, where technology and social platforms redefine the way individuals interact, has become a necessity, especially for the young generation Z which are increasingly involved in the online medium. In this context, this paper focuses on Generation Z and the importance of building a personal brand in the age of social media.

Social media management is an emerging profession that is growing as companies increasingly adopt social media. In-depth qualitative data is drawn from 20 semi-structured interviews with social media managers and supported by three years of orienting fieldwork in Toronto, Canada. As lead users of social media, social media managers provide critical insight into the emerging practices of personal branding on social media.

Students' perceptions of online personal branding on social media sites

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Journal of Interactive Marketing 25 37 — 50 www. Available online 3 December This research examines how people manage online personal brands in a Web 2. Using a novel mixed-method approach and consenting participants, the authors generated digital brand audits of 12 people and asked undergraduate students and a human resources professional to judge their profiles made anonymous , both qualitatively and quantitatively. After comparing these evaluations with participants' own judgments of their online profiles, the authors conducted long interviews to understand how people manage online profiles and feel about others' judgment of the content they post. According to these results, people engage in personal branding, though their efforts are often misdirected or insufficient. They consider personal online branding challenging, especially, during life changes or when managing multiple audiences.

Online Personal Branding: Processes, Challenges, and Implications

The purpose of this paper is to provide insight into how female entrepreneurs develop and communicate an authentic personal brand. The authors examine the entrepreneurial marketing EM activities undertaken by female entrepreneurs and identify the impression management IM behaviours and tactics used. The authors explore the risks associated with self-promotion to gain a better understanding of how female entrepreneurs market themselves and their businesses. The study adopts an interpretative phenomenological approach IPA. Using semi-structured interviews, the authors explore the experiences of female entrepreneurs as they engage in IM behaviours. The sample is drawn from female entrepreneurs who have small-scale businesses, which span a range of specialist service sectors.

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Before engaging with the already intensive and still increasing personal branding activities in many fields of practice, a scholarly approach would call for a more specific definition of the concept of personal branding processes and the resulting human brands. A multi-step analysis of the growing body of literature on personal branding is employed, integrating a framework that covers six key research streams of personal branding, 1 terminology and definition, 2 underlying theories, 3 classes and categories, 4 benefits, 5 antecedents, and 6 key ingredients and applications, complemented by challenges the domain of personal branding has to cope with. The analysis shows that personal branding is an interdisciplinary concern, which is still in its infancy and in which universally valid personal branding frameworks or even theories cannot be identified yet. Personal branding appears as a source for new academic impulses, as it may sensitize scholars to opportunities for intensifying collaboration with practitioners and with other academic domains to enrich and disseminate knowledge in their fields. Alexander the Great has been claimed as the first celebrity in human history Braudy, , the archetypal erudite Goethe achieved success by using all elements of the marketing mix in order to differentiate himself from other authors of his time Bendisch et al. Personal branding has become a vital part of individuals, society, culture, and economy.

What are the challenges that people face in attempting to create a personal brand, especially when considering market feedback? This investigation also.

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Old Practice, but Young Research Field: A Systematic Bibliographic Review of Personal Branding

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