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In , more than academic Big Data related publications could be counted Chen et al. Big Data provokes excitement across various fields such as science, governments, and industries like media and telecommunications, health care engineering, or finance where organizations are facing a massive quantity of data and new technologies to store, process, and analyze those data. Despite the cherished expectations and hopes, the question is why we face such excitement around Big Data which at first view rather seems to be a fashionable hype than a revolutionary concept.

The Need For Advanced Data Analytics in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Embrace the data or die

In , more than academic Big Data related publications could be counted Chen et al. Big Data provokes excitement across various fields such as science, governments, and industries like media and telecommunications, health care engineering, or finance where organizations are facing a massive quantity of data and new technologies to store, process, and analyze those data. Despite the cherished expectations and hopes, the question is why we face such excitement around Big Data which at first view rather seems to be a fashionable hype than a revolutionary concept.

Is Big Data really something new or is it just new wine in old bottles seeing that, e. Taking the traditional financial service industry, which currently cherishes huge expectations in Big Data, as an example, the collection of massive amounts of data via multiple channels for a long time was part of the business model to customize prices, product offers, or to calculate credit ratings. However, improving financial services by exploiting these huge amounts of data implied constant updating efforts, media disruptions and expensive acquisition and processing of data.

Hence, instead of the traditional universal banks that focused on a data-intensive business model, direct banks with a higher grade of standardization and IT support as well as a focus on very few key customer data often enough have become more successful. Focusing solely on pure IT-based data acquisition, processing and analysis to save costs on the other side is virtually impossible in industries such as banking due to an intense personal contact.

Besides, neither in the financial service industry nor in other industries do more data automatically lead to better data, better business success, better services, better decisions, or more satisfied customers. Above all, Big Data brings a lot of still unresolved challenges regarding the volume, velocity, variety, and veracity of data, which should not be underestimated. Additionally, the management of various sources of data such as from, e.

The high data traffic brings along the challenge of archiving, retrieving, and analyzing huge amounts of data in real-time volume and velocity. Unsurprisingly, nearly every second Big Data project is canceled before completion Infochimps Despite a customer generation which is increasingly losing its inhibition to distribute private data in virtually every place in the web, country-specific privacy laws and a significant number of customers who are not willing to have their private data stored for a long time might seriously impede Big Data approaches and threaten corresponding business models.

Yes and No — although Big Data currently might provoke exaggerated expectations, labeling it purely as a fashionable topic for existing concepts may be just the easy way out when we consider the following developments: The amount of data that is produced each day already exceeds 2.

Looking at these points, the relevance of Big Data for academic and practical initiatives which regard this new era of data as a chance rather than a threat becomes obvious. Indeed, driven by technological developments like, e. In fact, some companies such as the mail order company Otto already exploit their huge volume of data successfully. On the basis of more than million data sets per week, Otto performs more than one billion forecasts per year to predict the sales of certain articles in the next days and weeks.

Others such as the American broadband and telecommunications company Verizon have more visionary ideas which almost go into the direction of an Orwellian society. Verizon has applied for a patent in which a home entertainment system sends couple therapy advertisements to a television or a mobile device as soon as it recognizes a couple arguing. However, in consideration of the following technological developments and internal efforts regarding data quality and privacy issues, companies might be able to pave the way for their individual Big Data success:.

New technologies such as, e. However, it is critical to align new IT infrastructure opportunities with existing and new business processes and applications in order to be able to exploit technological infrastructure advancements. Successful Big Data approaches require new tools such as e. However, the application of such data analytics tools first requires the possibility to gain access to these new data and customer sources as well as their adaption the new data sources to existing data warehouses, reporting standards etc.

Though new technologies allow for collecting more and more data, the future customer is not likely to be willing to enter various kind of data, e. This requires high quality of the data held by the company to guarantee meaningful use of the new data entered by the customer. High data quality requires data to be consistent regarding time e. To this end, a clear data governance and data policy is inevitable which enables a meaningful use of the data veracity. As data policies likely differ e.

In absence of this condition, all technological infrastructure advancements, analytic tools or business models are ultimately without value for data-driven business decisions. Big Data requires innovative approaches which view privacy concerns and different international privacy standards not as hindering restrictions, but rather as a chance to develop a competitive advantage. In a Big Data era with many different data from different sources, privacy and anonymity means more than just uncoupling surname, first name, age, and address from a dataset.

Location-based data and other sources still allow for easy and clear identification and tracking. With respect to privacy, we can still observe too many companies especially from Europe and Asia avoid making first moves in Big Data.

Rather than to wait for the well-known global companies like Google, Amazon, or Facebook to make the first step, it is time for small and medium-sized companies worldwide to become leaders in this new emerging business area.

Certainly, companies such as Google or Facebook are in the happy position of not having to deal with the restrictions of strict privacy policies in their domestic markets compared to the manifold legal restrictions which, e. Thus, at a first glance they might be ahead regarding the usage of data. However, restrictions in certain markets not always need to be disadvantageous for long-term success of an industry. Looking for instance back at the development in the automotive industry, German manufacturers far earlier had to deal with customers expecting both fuel-saving cars and high performance driving experience whereas US-based manufacturers did not have to care about fuel-efficiency due to low fuel prices in their domestic market.

Today, all customers worldwide face rising fuel prices and are developing a stronger ecological awareness. Whereas the US-based companies struggle with low market shares and a bad image in the last decades, the German manufacturers dominated the global markets and regularly realize sales records above all in growing markets and the US.

Hence, constraints can actually serve as a fertile stimulus for innovative, customer oriented and value creating solutions. Regarding Big Data, the restrictive privacy rules, e. Thus, to benefit from Big Data requires changes and improvements of technological infrastructure, business processes, business applications as well as an incremental change in the business model of the company, including new methods to derive knowledge from data.

Companies aiming at a better use of gathered data should regard this also as a cultural challenge and, e. This might also imply the creation of some new roles, such as a Chief Data Officers or data scientists as well as rules for data-driven decisions. In view of the fact that the majority of companies rates its level of data integration maturity as very low or average Forrester Research , there is still a long way to go before companies can utilize Big Data in the way currently promoted.

This inevitably raises the question of the role of Business and Information Systems Engineering BISE in the Big Data debate and its possible contribution to making Big Data a success without just jumping on the hype bandwagon. Also the data-oriented research topics during the s and s, shortly after companies like Software AG or SAP were founded, show a solid data-oriented research agenda that now needs to be revived and adjusted. Apart from very technological issues like database optimization or semantic analysis, also the management and the optimization of business processes, the economic valuation of Big Data business models and many more e.

To this aim, BISE needs to build on its broad variety of research methods to foster its claim of being the leading research community which offers well-founded theoretical solutions transferable into practice to address the broad range of Big Data challenges.

New teaching aspects: In contrast to earlier times when most business decisions relied on internal and transactional data, the business decisions of tomorrow require the involvement of huge volumes of more and more external information and take place outside the IT functions Chen et al.

This and the variety of challenges, fields of applications and importance in nearly every industry calls for data experts on the one hand, but even more for well-founded and multidisciplinary knowledge of future talents and leaders on the other hand.

Solely for the US, a shortfall of 1. However, though many claim that data scientist is becoming the most demanded and sexiest job in the world, it is up to the BISE community to educate talents which are able to build bridges between theory and practice as well as able to deal with both technical and economic questions.

However, to render Big Data a worthwhile innovation rather than merely a gadget, companies need well-founded and innovative business models that create value for the customer and thus the company while simultaneously considering privacy restraints.

Hence, both from the research and practice perspective, Big Data needs to be taken as the basis rather than a guarantor of success. For long-term success, IT infrastructure, business processes, applications as well as the business model focusing on the customer need to be completely aligned. MIS Quarterly 36 4 — Google Scholar.

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Correspondence to Prof. Hans Ulrich Buhl. Reprints and Permissions. Buhl, H. Big Data. Bus Inf Syst Eng 5, 65—69 Download citation. Published : 14 February Issue Date : April Search SpringerLink Search. Download PDF.

However, in consideration of the following technological developments and internal efforts regarding data quality and privacy issues, companies might be able to pave the way for their individual Big Data success: 1. Julia Heidemann Authors Prof.

Hans Ulrich Buhl View author publications. View author publications. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article Cite this article Buhl, H.

The Industry’s Only Intelligent, Integrated, Enterprise-Scale Metadata Management Solution

Traditionally, banks targeted older customers for wealth management services, assuming that this age group would be the most interested. Augmented analytics is just one of the top 10 technologies Gartner has identified with the potential to address these and other major data and analytics challenges in the next three to five years. Digital transformation has put data at the center of every organization. Businesses are awash with data. They struggle to identify what is most important and what actions to take or avoid.

But the scale, automation, and trust required can only be achieved with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which in turn depend on best-of-breed metadata management. Download your complimentary copy of the report to see for yourself why Gartner has named Informatica a Leader again. Overall it has saved our associates an incredible amount of data research time. This product saves our company millions of dollars that would otherwise be being sunk into research time. Read the Gartner Peer Insights review. Ability to connect with a wide variety of metadata sources, automated lineage, future application roadmaps are in alignment with current data management trends and a keen interest to create value added functionality based on real life customer use cases.

We live in an increasingly data-driven society, in which information is becoming as much of a currency as money. Many consumers use free services from internet giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, for example, and in return allow these corporations to track and monetise their online behaviour. One of the biggest questions of the day is the openness of such transactions, and the level of control that individuals have over the fate of the personal information they -- sometimes unwittingly -- divulge to organisations with which they interact online. Recent votes on both sides of the Atlantic have highlighted the capacity for data-savvy organisations to hoover up and profile large amounts of user data -- including demographics, consumer behaviour and internet activity -- in order to micro-target adverts, news stories and services in support of particular goals or causes. Clearly, the data floodgates are now opening for businesses of all sizes and descriptions, bringing myriad opportunities for timely analysis in pursuit of competitive advantage. Although the focus is currently slanted towards customer behaviour, data is available at multiple points in the product or service supply chain, and comes in many forms -- traditional structured , ad hoc unstructured , real time, and IoT- or M2M-generated, to name but a few. Companies that implement big data analytics successfully can reap rich rewards from cost-saving efficiencies and revenue-generating innovations.

These data and analytics technology trends will have significant disruptive potential By , augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new as data literacy, storytelling or data ethics that are also critical to success.

Turning big data into business insights: The state of play

The explosion in these disruptive technologies has created a surge in demand for advanced semiconductors. The Wall Street Journal recently noted:. In , there were 3. Analysts estimate revenue from chips will double, if not triple, in the next decade. They are also pure indicators of another round of explosive data growth.

Enterprise decision-makers look up to Gartner for its recommendations on enterprise software stack. The magic quadrant report is one of the most credible, genuine, and authoritative research from Gartner. Since it influences the buying decision of enterprises, vendors strive to get a place in the report. Gartner recently published its magic quadrant report on data science and machine learning DSML platforms. Gartner attempted to stack rank the vendors based on a well-defined criterion.

But the big data industry has significant inertia moving into In order to give our valued readers a pulse on important new trends leading into next year, we here at insideBIGDATA heard from all our friends across the vendor ecosystem to get their insights, reflections and predictions for what may be coming. We were very encouraged to hear such exciting perspectives.

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Legacy System Modernization: How to Transform the Enterprise for Digital Future

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Design a Data and Analytics Strategy

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