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Archaeological Ceramic Materials pp Cite as. In order to understand the origin of the components or the materials which make up pottery, it is useful to make a slight excursion into chemistry and geology. Chemistry is important because it is a major tool in understanding and interpreting the inner characteristics of ceramic materials.

Geologists have recently determined that the minerals goethite and hematite exist in abundance on Mars, sure signs of the presence of water see Figure 1 for a picture. None of those geologists have been to Mars, of course, but the unmanned rovers Spirit and Opportunity have. These rovers are equipped with three mass spectrometers , each of which is capable of determining the chemical composition of a solid with a high degree of accuracy.

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and minerals are all around us! They help us to develop new technologies and are used in our everyday lives. Our use of rocks and minerals includes as building material, cosmetics, cars, roads, and appliances. In order maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the body, humans need to consume minerals daily. Rocks and minerals play a valuable role in natural systems such as providing habitat like the cliffs at Grand Canyon National Park where endangered condors nest, or provide soil nutrients in Redwood where the tallest trees in the world grow. Rocks and minerals are important for learning about earth materials, structure, and systems.

All rocks except obsidian and coal are made of minerals. Obsidian is a volcanic rock made of glass and coal is made of organic carbon. Most rocks contain several minerals in a mixture characteristic of the particular rock type. When identifying a rock you must first identify the individual minerals that make up that rock. Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic solids with a definite chemical composition and a crystal lattice structure. Together, the chemical formula the types and proportions of the chemical elements and the crystal lattice the geometry of how the atoms are arranged and bonded together determine the physical properties of minerals. The chemical formula and crystal lattice of a mineral can only be determined in a laboratory, but by examining a mineral and determining several of its physical properties, you can identify the mineral.

Identifying Rocks and Minerals/Properties used to identify

On top of that, Missouri has a humid climate, dense vegetation and diverse seasons. These all work against meteorite preservation. This is why we can almost conclusively say that you did not find a meteorite! We do not have a meteorite expert on our faculty. It is best to follow the self test resources provided for you in the next paragraph.

Since minerals are the components of rocks, their identifica- tion is an integral part of proper rock identification. For this identification procedure, three.

Rock Identification

You will need a few tools for measuring various aspects of rocks. Not all of them are required, but the more of them that are available to you, the more successful you will be in identifying specimens. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. The following properties are very useful for identification purposes: Hardness Cleavage Luster Color Streak rock powder Texture Structure These are described in detail later You will need a few tools for measuring various aspects of rocks. Specific Gravity meter streak plate for determining "streak" color Magnifying glass Hardness kit you can use the following as a hardness kit as explained later.

Rocks and Minerals

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See final pages of book for color photographs of rocks and minerals. MINERALS: 1 Talc. 2 Gypsum Foliated (banded) Metamorphic Rock Identification Key .​ .

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Rock Identification

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