Talibanisation Of Pakistan From 9/11 To 26/11 And Beyond Pdf Creator

talibanisation of pakistan from 9/11 to 26/11 and beyond pdf creator

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Published: 30.12.2020

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The book portrays a dangerous and tragic picture of Pakistan, founded by a secular and moderate leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah, but a nation now on the verge of Talibanization. The author maintains that Pakistan might be a frontline state in the war against terror but jehadi groups continue to thrive there with the tacit support of sections of the military and intelligence establishments.

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International Religious Freedom Act: The Case of Religious Freedom and Democracy in Pakistan

By Musa Khan Jalalzai. Speaker, We played our role as politicians in Pakistan in many forms to put the country on the right track, but the military generals have done nothing positive, and one day we will bring them to justice. Baluchistan, FATA and Waziristan are blood-stained; if Punjab keeps quiet this time, the nation will not tolerate its attitude. In the past, Bengalis were brutally killed by our army, while Punjab was silent and played the role of collaborator, but today, Punjab will no more tolerate atrocities by the armed forces against the Baloch and Pashtun brothers. Pakistan is alike roundabout or circuitous place where Mullahs are available for Fatwas, leaders and military generals are available for sale. The fact is world treats us as a village of killers, murderers, and mercenaries.

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A conditional charity. The disgraceful conduct of a UK-based Muslim charity with the victim-survivors of the communal carnage in Gujarat could have been ignored as an isolated, if highly deplorable act. Sadly, this is no isolated incident. If anything, it is but the latest manifestation of a malignancy common to many Muslim outfits, in India and internationally. For those who missed the news in the November 15 edition of this paper, here is the gist.

American Global Challenges

By Ziad Haider. Many of the writings associated with this Working Group will be published by the Hoover Institution. Materials published to date, or in production, are listed below.

The Ideological Struggle for Pakistan

There is neither an adequate space, nor time, for acknowledging everyone to the level they deserve. I hope all of them understand the shortness of this part. I got priceless experience in their humble supervision and guidance.

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