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inductive reasoning questions and answers pdf

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Inductive Reasoning tests are tests that assess your ability to get to the right conclusion based on a series of events or examples. Unlike deductive reasoning tests, in which you get to the conclusion based on a given set of rules, on inductive reasoning tests you assume what are the rules or logic that govern the set of examples, and then you find the correct answer based on your assumptions.

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Inductive reasoning tests aim to assess your ability to draw logical conclusions from patterns containing a variety of shapes. Inductive reasoning is also referred to as diagrammatic reasoning, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning or visual reasoning. While the exact format varies from provider to provider, generally you are presented with a sequence of squares, each with a variety of shapes within them. There are patterns that are displayed in the sequence and the patterns could be things like a shape rotating or flipping, a change in the number of shapes or a consistent movement of the shapes. It's your job to identify all these patterns and choose the square which logically comes next in the sequence. You normally select from different options. Beginners often struggle badly with inductive reasoning tests.

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Deductive reasoning questions will require you to use your problem-solving and reasoning skills, by evaluating arguments, analyzing scenarios, and drawing logical conclusions. What is Deductive Reasoning? Deductive reasoning is the process of reasoning from one or more statements to reach a logically certain conclusion. How is it different from Inductive Reasoning? While deductive reasoning implies logical certainty, inductive reasoning only gives you reasonable probability. In deductive reasoning a specific conclusion is drawn based on rules or general principles. In inductive reasoning a specific given example or a set of repetitive occurrences lead to a rule or pattern.

Inductive reasoning tests are non-verbal reasoning assessments similar in nature to diagrammatic, abstract and logical reasoning tests. Inductive reasoning tests require you to identify the relationships between shapes and figures by spotting rules and patterns, and to apply these to find the answer. Patterns usually involve alternation, rotation, reflection, replacement or translation, or a combination of these. These types of tests provide employers with an insight into how you think and how you approach new rules and situations. As well as assessing your general intelligence, they can reveal your levels of creativity and your ability to learn and apply new information. They may be used in the job application process for all kinds of industries, but are particularly popular in roles involving engineering, science and IT.

Inductive Reasoning Practice Test This Inductive Reasoning practice test has 9 questions and includes answers and full explanations. Your answer:. Correct answer:. Referring to the practice inductive reasoning — question three with the Hershy kiss things. B and C are the same but C is correct? Also, on question 2 same test with square rotating clockwise three and ball counter clockwise two — there is no ball in picture two. Pretty hard to see a pattern when pieces are missing.

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SHL General Ability Tests are assessments used by employers to assess potential candidates for specific roles. You may use a calculator and scrap paper during the test. There are three basic question types on the test: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and numerical reasoning. Questions are not divided into sections, but are shuffled.

One of the main benefits of inductive reasoning tests is that they are not dependent upon language, which makes them a good tool for assessing international candidates or candidates for whom English is not their first language. Moreover, they are usually very good for predicting problem solving ability , which is imperative in many jobs. Inductive reasoning questions typically involve a number of diagrams or pictures.

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Practice Aptitude Tests. Instructions. This inductive reasoning test comprises 15 questions and you will have 12 minutes in which to correctly answer as many as​.