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In public administration today, many new reform ideas mingle, offering new diagnoses of governmental problems and courses of action. But scholars have highlighted reasons why we should doubt the optimistic claims of reformists.

Theories of Governance and New Public Management RP Vol. IX No. CCXXXII, MMXIII

All publishing rigths reserved to Mykolas Romeris University. Executive editor: Assoc. Aleksandras Patapas. User Username Password Remember me. Font Size. Keyword Cloud New Public Management civil service civil society corruption decentralization efficiency governance innovations local government local self-government management municipality new public management privatization public administration public governance public policy public sector public service strategic planning sustainable development. Abstract This paper discusses the doctrinal content of the New Public Management NPM : contractual state; the theories of public choice, transaction costs and agency theory.

New Public Management

New Public Management NPM is an approach to running public service organizations that is used in government and public service institutions and agencies, at both sub-national and national levels. The term was first introduced by academics in the UK and Australia [1] [ full citation needed ] to describe approaches that were developed during the s as part of an effort to make the public service more "businesslike" and to improve its efficiency by using private sector management models. As with the private sector, which focuses on " customer service ", NPM reforms often focused on the "centrality of citizens who were the recipient of the services or customers to the public sector". In some cases, NPM reforms that used e-government consolidated a program or service to a central location to reduce costs. Some governments tried using quasi-market structures, so that the public sector would have to compete against the private sector notably in the UK, in health care. Performance was assessed with audits, benchmarks and performance evaluations. Some NPM reforms used private sector companies to deliver what were formerly public services.


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Administrative theories ; Governance philosophies ; Principles of governance ; Theoretical analysis of governance and good governance. The last one of these, governance — profoundly anchored in the New Public Management and New Public Governance doctrines — has virtually been an unassailable concept in the management and public policy sciences for decades now. Governance definitely has a kind of pivotal place in recent public management and public policy discourses. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

The application of his principles would lead managers and workers to the best conditions under which to create and nurture business. The concepts were adapted to fit government and were used to test, promote, create position descriptions, record employee evaluations, etc.

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Who governs in local governance? Theoretical considerations and empirical evidence. This article aims to discuss the possible actors that can determine public policies, and the influence of new decisional arenas on politics. This theoretical work presents the evolution of different models of producing public policies, to the transformations taking place with the adoption of the governance model. Using empirical evidence from the Italian case, the study of new decisional arenas for the determination of public policies shows that there are still several problems to be addressed.

It explains that NPM originated in the s where governments tried to provide service delivery and public policy through a wide range of private and non-profit actors. The article argues that although governance and NPM originated from two different sets of concerns, and theoretically are quite different, both perspectives have incorporated each other's ideas. The governance literature has embraced the ideas of performance indicators, while NPM literature has adopted more horizontal steering mechanisms. Keywords: governance , New Public Management , service delivery , public policy , non-profit actors , performance indicators , horizontal steering mechanisms. His research and teaching activities focus on complex decision-making, network management, Public Private and branding and the impact of media on complex decision-making. He published extensively in international journals and is the author, together with Joop Koppenjan, of the book Managing Uncertainty in Networks , Routledge and of Branding in Governance and Public Management Routledge, together with Jasper Eshuis. Access to the complete content on Oxford Handbooks Online requires a subscription or purchase.

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PDF | This article analyses the connection between governance and New Public The article argues that although governance and NPM originated from two different sets of Public Administration Research and Theory, 16, (3),

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If Max Weber and Woodrow Wilson were to suddenly appear on the landscape of modern public administration, normative theories in hand, it is.



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