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heaven and earth cross stitch designs pdf

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Published: 28.12.2020

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Start with 1 strand of Kreinik Blending Filament with. B ox BB55 ddooxxoxdxxdxdww w, B B o 5 5 d5ddx xoxxdxdxddxdx. BB 5 5ddoo xoxxdxxdxoxxd, 5 5 d do xoxxoxdxxdxxdx, 5 d5 5 d doox xoxdxxdxxdwd.

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Moderators: rcperryls , Rose , karen4bells , Serinde , Alex. Privacy Terms. Quick links. For all topics which do not fit in the other categories. There have been thousands of reports of people emailing charts to eachother.

I will be discontinuing the downloads on all new charts from here on until we can move the charts to a secure server. What this means is that you will be directed to a site where the chart can be opened and printed only once, the charts will not be available to save to your computer so they must be printed when opened. I am hoping to have this new feature in place in the next 2 weeks. I apologize for this but we can't allow it to continue and stay in business i for one need to save to computer as i need to enlarge them due to bad eye sight so not being able to save is a bummer anyone else got any insight??

People who buy charts to print these days usually have scanners too. It won't stop people from printing and then scanning and sharing, all it's going to achieve is to cut a clientel base as the honest customers who have poor eyesight or such won't be able to alter their charts to the right size easilly so will stop buying. But I'm sure I've seen in the past getting them sent snail mail to the UK costs loads, they ought to make this cheaper or get rid of the postage charge altogether if they're no longer going to be able to let us download the new ones??

I would have trouble printing them out only once too as I print them out at work so usually do a bit at a time when no one's around Maybe I'll just go back to getting them from Sewalong! It makes me quite angry actually that because of a small minority of dishonest people or ignorant people we are all going to suffer. I have to say that for me, if I am not able to download the charts, it will probably prevent me from buying so many.

This is more likely to reduce HAEDs revenue, not the sharing of charts So Sad They are in business to make a profit, and so are their designers. It's their living. We wouldn't want someone to take advantage of work we do for a living, and not pay us for our work, would we?

In fact, we'd probably make a BIG fuss! I know I would, anyway! I'd be furious if someone was stealing from me and I'd want to do something about it. BUT this is not the way to go about it. This is only going to harm their sales, it's not going to prevent people from stealing. If people can't print out their charts, and shipping costs so much Risking disciplinary acions printing it all out at once at work or spending a small fortune trying to get it sent snail mail, then faffing about scanning it and adjusting the size and so on and so forth B seems infinately more likely.

And the pirates aren't hard to find. There are whole groups for it on facebook and whole sites for it in google not that I've used them and I won't tell anyone what to look under. They're easy enough to find though. Make it harder to get it from the ource, the pirates will just increase and become easier to locate.

By putting more restrictions on their products, that will only encourage less sales and high piracy online. I believe it would be better for them to prosecute those who violated the copyright laws and let it be known that any one who violates such laws will face consequences. Often just saying it does do much, following through with action does. I'd be curious as to what the other companies do to prevent piracy, as I'm sure they have a similar issue.

All the more reason to be vigilant here on our forum, and make sure we do not illegally copy and share designs or sell on copies.

The copyright laws are massively complicated, and often unfair, but the way to deal with this is to review and change the laws, not evade and break them! I always have them shipped as I feel that the shipping cost is about the same as what the ink and paper would cost to print them out.

I agree with Angel though, they will scan the charts and still sell them on. Vanessa A little progress every day adds up to big results WIP The adoration of the kings- Golden kite pages completed. I bought a teresa Wentzler one in PDF format once. I can't remember where though. I had more trouble than it was worth when it came to printing it out too. I'm not exactly sure this was an anti-piracy measure though as one of the pages simply wouldn't print properly, so I ended up print screening it.

I hate t say it, but there is NO way to get rid of piracy. The only thing you can do is make it so that people want to support yur company rather than rip it off. Something HEAD has never really done. Their fake sales make people think that they're super expensive and this new measure makes people feel as though HAED has already decided that they're a criminal.

So why should they suport them? If the company is treating them lik that, well Aside from t being illegal and rude to be a pirate, the chances of small time pirates being found is astronomical. Especially if you know anything about internet security. The best way to defend aainst pirates is t make your customer base WANT to protect you against piracy.

This means not making things hard for the honest man an not constantly lying through your teeth. If you want a company to keep going, you support it. It's why even though I used to tape films off of TV, I went out and bought the dvd as soon as I had the money.

Because I wantedthe company to keep going. Why after reading a good book at the library or from someone elss collection, I buy it. To keep the author going. By all means put anti-piracy measures into place. Of course you need it. Pirates are everywhere and they can't be as easily identified as in the movies. BUT hurt the pirates not your customer base. If you ca't keep your customers happy you will loose them to the pirates.

Maybe it went only to Canadian and Australian members, because they apologized for making it sound like only those countries were causing the problem. In fact, those were the two countries which reported it to HAED.

In any case, the note said they were pursuing other options, because the "print one time only" would not work as they thought.

So stay tuned. Wandatoo "Dogs come when they're called. Cats take a message and get back to you. Any one of their printing customers could have told them that wouldn't work well and any one ven remotely aware of piracy could tell them that it wouldn't deter pirates.

I'm glad they're looking at other options now though. One step, security foiled and resizing issue solved. Angel is right. There's no way to stop piracy except to have loyal customers. It won't stop all the pirates, but it will help.

Perhaps they're re-evaluating because they know it will upset their customers but most likely it's because they know it will lose them tons of sales and it would from impulse buyers. One thing people trying to prosecute piracy never seem to realize is that pirates aren't their customers.

Yes, it's wrong, but if the pirates can't get the charts for free they probably still won't buy them. You don't "lose sales to pirates". People who pay for things and people who don't are two different groups. HAED would be better off making themselves more appealing to their customers, not alienating them to fight a group they can't stop and won't convert anyway.

It seems that it was very much a knee- jerk reaction on their part and once they saw how unhappy their customers were about this solution they decided to look at other ways of trying to stop people stealing. It's a company I really like as their customer service is usually first class, so it's good to see that they are still listening. If you look on their bulletin board you will see very few negative comments about the company from anyone who actually stitches HAEDs.

I especially love how every opportunity for a holiday means a drop in their already very reasonable chart prices - Always a good excuse to buy just one more. I know this is the subject of research in the music business. Guess it's a matter of what's behind the pirating: 'suck it and see' or 'how can I make money off someone else's work'.

We have currently selected one company and are working on beta testing. The provisions of this software are that it will allow you to print multiple copies to your hearts content, enlarge, save to your computer etc. You will just not be able to forward the document in any format nor print it to a PDF. We know that this will not prevent the copying and distribution but at least we can try and control the fowards that are happening. Thank you everyone for your support during this time and we will continue to keep everyone updated as we complete testing.

Have a beautiful day and happy stitching! Both combined had an impact thatmade them say, why are we trying to stay in business when even our supporters are ripping us off.

I am sure they were hurt and the first reaction was well they can only print once that will stop it. By that time they had calmed down and they started to look for a better solution. It is not fair to paint all with the same brush but this is a company that is trying very hard to make a product that they can sell and be a benefit.

Heaven and Hearth Designs cross stitch

Sorry to read you have been sick, lots of germs around here in the UK too. Well done on the HAED's they look amazing. Great progress! Love Alice. I am a little obsessed with her at the moment. Looking forward to more progress.

Cross Stitch Flower Charts. Start a new Spring project with this beautiful floral cross stitch design. A vast array of fruits, flowers and beautiful garden scenes in counted cross stitch. Floss Conversion Charts. Bonheur des dames charts. Happy stitching!. From cuddly cats to cute caterpillars, stitch a menagerie of creatures with our free cross stitch patterns Cross Stitch Stitch a flower heart hanging.

Heaven and Earth Designs Cross Stitch Patterns

When I first got the chart pack, although the instructions gave DMC thread information in the colour key, I decided to use Anchor, as I use that brand for all the miniature needlepoint kits that I produce, so I have the whole range anyway, so I thought that would be better. So, I spent a sniffy weekend working out the thread equivalents for myself, and cutting all the threads, and winding them onto bobbins. When it arrived, it was beautifully packaged. There was even a little fabric pouch with a wooden needle holder in, and a needle threader which I am now addicted to using — more about that in another blog post!

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Heaven and Earth Designs

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