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basic legal research tools and strategies pdf

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Legal Research Strategy

Edinger, Legal Research Survival Manual This is a short "cliff note" style approach to legal research from some of the most widely-respected legal research instructors and librarians in the field. It is specifically designed to help law students transition into practice and summer clerkship. Christina L. Kunz, et al. This is well-respected and widely used process-oriented approach. It is quite thorough in its approach.

Current and former students may login to show their courses completed, where relevant, in the Bulletin. Current and former students may login to show their courses taken, where relevant, in the Bulletin. RHGL Introduction to LLM Research. In this one-credit course, students will re-visit and expand upon the skills learned in Basic Legal Research, including research strategy best practices and how to find cases. New topics, such as legislative history, are introduced, and significant opportunities for practice and feedback are provided.

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This guide will walk a beginning researcher though the legal research process step-by-step. Legal research must be comprehensive and precise. Sticking to a strategy will save you time, ensure completeness, and improve your work product. In law school, these appear as fact patterns. In practice, this may come in the form of an assignment from a manager or an interview with a potential client.

Thinking about Legal Research Problems

It may be helpful to see a visual display of the research process. Attached is a general flowchart for the legal research process. The purpose of this page is to outline a basic strategy for approaching your first open research assignment. It is most likely that this assignment will be your trial brief in the second semester of legal writing.

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Amy E. This best-selling coursebook on legal research is known for its clear, step-by-step instruction in the basics. Using a building-block approach, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, Sixth Edition breaks material into discrete, readily comprehensible parts. Self-contained chapters on sources make the book flexible for any type of legal research course. Useful pedagogy throughout the text includes end-of-chapter checklists, clear examples, and summary charts. Helpful sample pages and examples of research sources guide students through the presentation, and an accompanying workbook provides exercises to test comprehension.

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2/1/18 AM. Reprinted from Sloan: Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies with the permission of Wolters Kluwer Law and Business.


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