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The Bachelor of Arts in national security and foreign intelligence analysis NSFIA degree from the University of Mount Union is an interdisciplinary program that is geared towards preparing you for a career in the national security and foreign intelligence fields.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Measures to improve intelligence analysis have to adapt lessons from the behavioral and social sciences to the unique circumstances of analysts and their national security customers.

Intelligence and National Security Alliance

INSA was established as the Security Affairs Support Association SASA in to bring together professionals in the intelligence field, primarily focused on the National Security Agency and to help members keep abreast of intelligence and national security community issues. INSA is the premier intelligence and national security organization that provides a unique venue for collaboration, networking and examination of policy issues and solutions. Representing an unprecedented alliance among senior leaders from the public, private, and academic sectors, INSA members form an unparalleled community of experts that collaborate to develop creative, innovative and timely solutions to the intelligence and national security issues facing the United States. INSA works to promote and recognize the highest standards within the national security and intelligence communities. INSA members include current and former high-ranking intelligence, military and government agency leaders, analysts, and experts from industry and academia. Drawing on the experience and expertise of this membership, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance provides the thought leadership that identifies crucial intelligence topics, completes strategic research and promotes innovative solutions. INSA has approximately corporate members, as well as over one-thousand individual members, who are industry leaders within the government, private sector, and academia.

This text aims to impart an understanding of the important and relatively new discipline that focuses on the hidden side of the government. Such hidden side of the government includes secret agencies that provide security-related information to policymakers and carry out other covert operations on their behalf. The objective of this book is to provide an up-to-date assessment of the literature and findings in this field of strategic intelligence and national security intelligence study. This book seeks to map out the discipline and aim to suggest future research agendas. In this text, several nationalities, career experiences, and scholarly training are reflected, highlighting the spread of interest in this subject across many boundaries. The outcome of this mix is a volume loaded in research disciplines, findings, and agendas, with a multitude of international perspectives on the subject of national security intelligence.

Center for Security and Emerging Technology

Historically, intelligence has been subject to a particular group of insiders, and there is no denying that much intelligence work must take place in secret if it is to be of value. However, intelligence is too significant to be left to the spooks. Therefore this essay will analyse the importance of intelligence to international security. At the beginning of the XXI century, there is still no widely established definition of intelligence Warner, , p. Second, as a product, formerly circulated as paper, but now distributed through multilevel secure electronic databases. Finally, we can talk of intelligence services and intelligence communities as institutions.


Since the end of the s, the world economy has evolved, and there has been a rapid movement towards globalization. The terms of economic war and international competitiveness became inescapable issues dealt at the same moment by economists and the whole politico-administrative sphere. However, as Krugman noted this vision can turn out dangerous if it leans on erroneous diagnoses. Economic intelligence appears in this particular context.

This minor program is designed to allow students to become familiar with intelligence and security needs and problems of risk confronted by private and governmental organizations. Students will be introduced to problems and reasoning concerning matters of security, counterintelligence, transnational threats such as terrorism and drug cartels, diplomacy, international transactions, intelligence bureaucracies, and related areas. The program is valuable for students interested in understanding the complex world of security, intelligence, and counterintelligence and for students seeking careers in the U. Intelligence Community and private agencies employing security technology, methodology, and services. The minor program is highly flexible and will benefit students from any college or major at UTEP.

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Intelligence and National Security is a leading journal focused on the role of intelligence and secretive agencies in international relations and politics. Submit an.

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PDF | Main Topics of the Round Table: I Intelligence estimates of the changes in Europe at the end of the 20th Century II The role of Intelligence in | Find, read.

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The findings identify key areas for improvement in defense and intelligence to put the nation on a path to large-scale development and deployment of AI tools in promoting national security.

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Request PDF | On Nov 17, , David Martin Jones published Intelligence and the Management of National Security | Find, read and cite all the research you.