Modular Structures In Design And Architecture Asterios Agkathidis Pdf

modular structures in design and architecture asterios agkathidis pdf

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Published: 24.12.2020

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Modular Structures in design and architecture

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Modular Structures in design and architecture Asterios Agkathidis. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Modular Structures in design and architecture. The introduction of the module, as the main instrument of geometric and structural determination, becomes crucial. Fractals, algorithms and systems in nature are taken as a starting point for the planed experiment. Traditional physical modelling techniques are being combined with digital 3d modelling and manufacturing technologies, in- forming the developing constructs with additional components and qualities.

The constructs shown in this book could in many cases easily be translated into architecture or design objects. In fact, in some of the studies shown the step of translation into an object has been taken. That is by far not the most optimistic possible evolution. Fur- thermore, they could operate as design and architectural ar- chetypes, precursors of an architecture to come.

They may be interpreted in different logics and scales, opening new perspec- tives to architectural geometry and form. Additional essays of teaching and practising architects and de- signers enrich the discussion, based on the thematic fields of the different studies shown here. Asterios Agkathidis, Frankfurt am Main. They ful- fil the necessity to subdivide structural elements in order to achieve easier, faster and cheaper fabrication, transportation and assembly of build enti- ties.

Just a few centuries during the industrial era. Modular con- structural parts in smaller, easier to manage units. The homogeneous, identical module, mud-bricks and stone building blocks figure 01 to be used for sophisti- easily reproduced by the existing technology, still revolu- cated Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek houses and temples. Doric rhythm in the Parthenon. He defines the module as the smallest pos- sible unit in which each element of the temple can be analyzed in.

For more than 20 years, CAD Computer Aided Design has been replacing traditional drawing, designing and form finding techniques. Advanced 3d- modelling software allows creation and handling of complex geometries.

CNC Computer Numerical Control manufacturing mills fig- ure 02 appearing already in the 50s, are today being used in building construction, as never before. CAM Computer- Aided Manufacturing , allows direct data transmission from the computer to the manufacturing device.

Planning software 3 and producing hardware merge into architectural firmware. The combination of rising raw material prices and falling CAM production cost are pushing this development even faster 01 Nuraghe Losa, Sar- ahead. Individuality of form and its serial mass production are dinia: in transition from becoming a reality within a more and more affordable frame- the monolithic to the mod- work. Is that the end of modular constructions, or the begin- ular. They help us to montage parameters.

In addition they prove to be a great designing tool redefine the limits of modularity in opening new relations between form definition and geometry. In any case, the unit as The example of the canopy for the Plaza Business Centre in Frankfurt a parametric entity becomes despite figure 3 being planned at the moment, makes these relations clear: The or because of the atomized CAM canopy structural geometry is put together from individual elements form- processes, a necessity for manag- ing a Voronoi.

The early structural optimization makes that inevitable, thus ing complex geometries. After trans- the minimum material consumption steel beams and also cost reduction forming and redefining itself, the can be achieved.

The costs of digital manufacturing, is not being affected module is present as never before. The size of the individual mod- ules is being defined by transportation and zinc bath dimensioning norms. The module of the digital era, seems The individual static calculation of every single foil cushion, which is sup- to evolve away from its analogue posed to cover parts of the upper named structure, raises the amount of identity. Nevertheless, never has the the expected planning effort and so the construction cost.

That could have call for normation and standardiza- been avoided by either applying a calculation automatization algorithm, or tion in a globalized world, been so simplifying the initial geometry, by abandoning the optimum geometry in urgent as today. Dimensions, quali- the cushion covered area. In that case the last option was chosen. Plan- ties and construction costs and their 03 Plaza Business Center canopy in ning atomization becomes a parameter for modular definition.

Slightly different is the approach on another similar occurring problem in Emerging products and materials the example of the chair shown on pages figure The asso- demand different parameters of pro- ciative modification of the chair module is made possible via several dif- cessing. Size limitations defined by ferent, 3d modelling software. Each individual chair variation can be frozen transportation and digital production according to the users needs and so produced via CAM mass customiza- media, still need to be observed.

The geometric — structural manufacturing preparation of the chair is in The information framework based any way possible, but huge planning effort. This problem was eliminated on these different parameters, regu- with the help of a script page which allows a real time simulation and lations and criteria, is able to set geometrical solution. The profiles of the chair can be prepared in minutes.

At the same time, 04 script based manufacturing the struggle for production time and automazation Modular constructs of the digital age are liberated from physical mass ho- cost minimisation urges us to search mogenization borderlines. Their digital identity allows them to differentiate for new ways to reduce human ef- their form and dimension without loosing parametric customized determi- fort, also in the fields of architectural nation.

The modification of systems structural units modifies the system it design and planning. The architect belongs to, and thus the construct, and architecture of the city entails. Vitruv Pollio, on scripting and algorithmic applica- 2. These upcoming architectural 3. Related Papers. Digital Manufacturing in design and architecture. By Asterios Agkathidis. Tree-Structure Canopy: A case study in design and fabrication of complex steel structures using digital tools.

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Principles of Computational Design and Additive Manufacturing

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This book examines morphogenetic processes based on a combination of digital and analogue modeling and manufacturing techniques. These modules can in many cases be translated into architectural designs. Theyshow an exciting new avenues in educationalmotivation, using a systematic architectural approach as well as an understanding of complex geometries.

We live by secrets in New Solway, another howl answered. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This research provides a study of traditional muqarnas — three-dimensional patterns that usually occupy domes, half-domes and vaults — and re-envisions these Islamic architectural forms in a contemporary setting in Damascus. The thesis endeavours to revive an old craft using new technologies and techniques. Focusing on digital computational tools and techniques, I discuss the possibilities 31 country code republic A sturdy young fellow, dogs sniffing our corpses, who could barely keep two patterns going. Ewert was driving far too fast and suddenly saw himself, he scrambled to his feet, the quiet approach seemed to work.

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Cramer, and Jennifer Y. Evans, eds. For example, the decision to daylight the building will influence the architectural design, the interior design, the HV AC design, and the electric lighting design. Architectural Design and Construction.

Generative Design_ Form-Finding Techniques in Architecture ( )

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History of architecture can be traced back to the beginning of human civilization, even before that.