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International Economics I pp Cite as.

International Trade Nirav S I. Kravis has developed the availability theory against the comparative cost theory as a plausible explanation of international trade in certain cases. His argument is that country exports certain scarce resources in the world because these are available with it. For instance Gulf countries export oil, because oil fields are deposited with them. To explain the availability doctrine theoretically let us assume that there are four countries A, B, C and D.

Linder hypothesis

The field of international economics covers both international financial transactions and international trade in commodities and services. The first article below provides an integrated theory of these two major aspects of the field. The remaining articles under this entry deal with the theory and patterns of international trade. For government regulation of international trade, see International trade controls. For further discussion of international financial transactions, see International monetary economics. Other important aspects of international trade are discussed in International integration , article on economic unions , and in the article on Commodity agreements,international. Also relevant is Communism, economic organization of , article on international trade.

The “New” Theories of International Trade

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Intra-Industry Trade: The Theory and Measurement of International Trade in Differentiated Products.

The Linder hypothesis is an economics conjecture about international trade patterns: The more similar the demand structures of countries, the more they will trade with one another. Further, international trade will still occur between two countries having identical preferences and factor endowments relying on specialization to create a comparative advantage in the production of differentiated goods between the two nations. The hypothesis was proposed by economist Staffan Burenstam Linder in [1] as a possible resolution to the Leontief paradox , which questioned the empirical validity of the Heckscher-Ohlin theory H-O. H-O predicts that patterns of international trade will be determined by the relative factor-endowments of different nations. Those with relatively high levels of capital in relation to labor would be expected to produce capital-intensive goods while those with an abundance of labor relative to immobile capital would be expected to produce labor-intensive goods.

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In economics, internationalization has been viewed as a process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets, [ 1 ] although there is no agreed definition of internationalization [ 2 ] or international entrepreneurship. Those entrepreneurs who are interested in the field of internationalization of business need to possess the ability to think globally and have an understanding of international cultures.

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Linder Hypothesis

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An important extension of international trade theory given by Heckscher and Ohlin is the availability approach to international trade. This approach was given by.

Dennis P.


trade theories have arisen (gravity model of international trade (Isard, ), Kravis theory of availability (Kravis, ), Linder theory of similar preferences.

Jeffrey F.


Some New Theories of International Trade. Introduction, The Kravis Theory of Availability, Linder's Theory of Volume of Trade and Demand Pattern, Posner's.

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