Transistor Series And Shunt Voltage Regulator Pdf

transistor series and shunt voltage regulator pdf

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Published: 22.12.2020

Voltage regulators

In a power supply system, a regulator is an essential component, used to control the output power in power electronics. The power electronics can be defined as the control as well as the conversion of electrical power in the part of electronics. A voltage regulator generates a stable output for the variations in input or load. There are different types of voltage regulators like Zener, series, shunt, fixed positive, IC, adjustable, negative, dual tracking, etc. This article discusses an overview of the transistor series voltage regulator. The series voltage regulator can be defined as a regulator which has the limitations like high dissipation, less efficient, and the transistor voltage and Zener diode voltages are affected once the temperature rises.

Electronic Circuits - Regulators

Under such conditions a Zener controlled transistor is always used for maintaining output voltage constant. Basically there are two types of Zener controlled transistor voltage regulators. They are. This circuit is called a series regulator because collector and emitter terminals of the transistor are in series with the load, as illustrated in the figure. This circuit is also called an emitter follower voltage regulator because transistor Q is connected in emitter follower configuration. Here, the transistor Q is termed a series-pass transistor.

The Web This site. Shunt regulators are widely used because they are cheap, effective and simple. It is unusual however, to find a shunt regulator used as the main regulating circuit in a large power supply. Shunt regulation is only really suitable, at reasonable cost, for relatively small currents and a range of fixed, usually fairly low voltages. This is due to a disadvantage of shunt regulation, which is that a regulation current flowing through the zener diode must always be flowing in addition to the load current.

voltage regulators. Zener Controlled Transistor Series Voltage Regulator The image below shows the circuit diagram of a shunt voltage regulator. The circuit.

Shunt Voltage Regulator: shunt regulator

The shunt regulator operates by maintaining a constant voltage across its terminals and it takes up the surplus current to maintain the voltage across the load. One of the most common examples of the shunt regulator is the simple Zener diode circuit where the Zener diode acts as the shunt element. As such the shunt voltage regulator is an essential element within linear power supply technology. The basic operation of a shunt voltage regulator can be seen from the diagram. Essentially the load is operated with a resistor in series with the voltage source and the shunt regulator then in parallel with the load.

Module 2.2

Transistor Shunt Voltage Regulator

The series linear regulator provides a high level of performance, especially when low noise, ripple and transients are required in the regulated output. There is a good variety of circuits using discrete electronics components that provide linear regulation with a series pass element, and in addition to this, virtually all linear regulator ICs use this approach. This means that there are many options for series voltage regulators that are open when undertaking the electronic circuit design of a power supply. The series voltage regulator or series pass voltage regulator uses a variable element placed in series with the load. By changing the resistance of the series element, the voltage dropped across it can be varied to ensure that the voltage across the load remains constant.

Shunt Voltage Regulator: shunt regulator

The next and the last stage before load, in a power supply system is the Regulator part. Let us now try to understand what a regulator is and what it does.

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