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advantages and disadvantages of informal communication pdf

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Internal communication represents the communication and interactions between the employees and members of an organization. Innovative technologies have made it easier to generate, develop, distribute and accumulate written documents, to exchange messages, work together and organize meetings despite of space and time proximity. Electronic mails, intranet and video conferences are few of the communication tools used to inform employees in relation to news and activities of organization.

Advantage and disadvantage of grapevine or informal communication

The advantages of formal communication are:. The disadvantages of formal communication are:. Informal communication arises out of all those channels that fall outside the formal channels and it is also known as grapevine. It is established around the societal affiliation of members of the organization. Informal communication does not follow authority lines as in the case of formal communication.

Teya Johnson Outcome 1- F Assess the advantages and disadvantages of different types of communication used with clients. We are in a huge global economy where something that happens in one area can have knock on effects worldwide. The main advantage of one to one communication is that it is permanent and easy to understand. Broadly communication can be classified into two types: Verbal communication: When the communication is done with the help of letters or symbols that carry specific meaning to the receiver then we say that the communication is in verbal form. The needed thing could be money advertising is a method of communication , advice or just emotional support. We now communicate and share each other's cultures through travel and trade, transporting products around the world in hours or days. Communication is defined by many different terms, with four types commonly found in business environments.

Y ou are getting We need to have informal communication pathway for in some cases or to achieve goal in mixing with formal communication. Whatever the reason to use informal communication or grapevine communication system, We should be aware of its disadvantages too so that we can consider what to do to use of this communication pathway. Some significant demerits or disadvantages of informal communication system are as follows:. Sometimes, informal communication system may spread wrong or distorted news which may sometimes prove harmful even to the employees. So, it is the one of most considerable disadvantages of informal communication. Lack of Secrecy: In informal communication, everybody can freely interact as there are no restriction or rules.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informal Communication In The Workplace

Advantages of Informal Communication Informal communication is free from maintaining rules and regulations, procedures and others. Such communication bears low cost than formal communication. Although informal communication does not follow any set rules or principle but it offers some advantages which are as follows:. Alternative System: There are some messages which cannot be sent through formal way and therefore requires some alternative. Such alternative can be informal communication. Interpretation: Message sent to subordinates requires explanation or interpretation and informal communication is the valuable means here. To Present Grievances: Employees can't make any complaints to superiors through formal communication.

Alongside formal communication , one must know how to partake in informal communication as well. Unlike the former, informal communication is best meant for informal relationships where you can afford to let your guard down. This may include friends, family, peers and other similar relationships. Mainly because one finds it challenging to define the boundaries of this type of communication. Here, communication is often initiated when a person strikes a conversation on the basis of personal interests, likes and dislikes. Because of the highly interconnected network structure, information flows insanely quickly among individuals via grapevine in an organization. For instance, it could be the news of the boss getting a divorce or the lead accountant finding a new job elsewhere.

Flexibility: Informal communication is more flexible than formal communication because it is free from all types of formalities. Rapid communication: Informal communication transmits very fast. Especially miss-information or rumor spread rapidly to others in the organization.

Informal Communication: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

Cookies are usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. This particular scene shows the beauty and importance of informal meetings, which is also called grapevine communication. A communication held without following a recommended structure in an organization is informal communication. So, grapevine communication can be described as a casual and unofficial communication system within the organization.

This communication is based on informal relations like friendship, membership of the same club, the same place of birth, etc. Image Courtesy : offthecusp. The exchange of informal messages usually takes place on the occasion of community meals, social occasions, parties, etc. On such occasions, the superiors gather such information from their subordinates as may be difficult to get through formal communication. Such communication includes comments, suggestions, etc.

Actually without communication nothing goes on and no problems solved in organisations,among the marrieds and so on. Good Luck please.

types of communication and their advantages and disadvantages pdf

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Grapevine Communication In Various Business Scenarios

Types Of Grapevine Communication

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Informal Communication: Meaning, Characteristics, Advantages and Limitations

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