Bakelite Preparation Properties And Uses Pdf

bakelite preparation properties and uses pdf

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The Preparation of Bakelite

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CAMPUSplastics | datasheet Bakelite® X 22

Bakelite , trademark of phenol-formaldehyde resin , trademarked synthetic resin invented in by Belgian-born American chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland. A hard, infusible, and chemically resistant plastic , Bakelite was based on a chemical combination of phenol and formaldehyde phenol-formaldehyde resin , two compounds that were derived from coal tar and wood alcohol methanol , respectively, at that time. This made it the first truly synthetic resin, representing a significant advance over earlier plastics that were based on modified natural materials. Because of its excellent insulating properties, Bakelite was also the first commercially produced synthetic resin, replacing shellac and hard rubber in parts for the electric power industry as well as in home appliances. In the s it was widely used in knobs, dials, circuitry panels, and even cabinets for radios, and it was also employed in the electrical systems of automobiles. In the s cast Bakelite, along with many other competing phenolic resins, enjoyed a vogue in colourful costume jewelry and novelties. It was Baekeland who succeeded in controlling the phenol-formaldehyde condensation reaction to produce the first synthetic resin.

This reaction is highly exothermic, but that is not why the plastic produced is referred to as "thermoset". Bakelite is a space-network polymer. Unlike linear and branched polymers, which are composed of long molecules that make them more or less crystalline, space-network polymers are highly and irregularly cross-linked throughout the structure. The sheer extent of the cross-linking means that a sample of the material is essentially one gigantic molecule. Although heat softens and melts linear and branched polymers, heating does not soften space-network polymers because such a softening would require the breaking of covalent bonds. In fact, heating usually produces additional cross-linking in these polymers, making them harder. It is for this reason that space-network polymers, such as bakelite, are called thermoset plastics.

Uses. It is the most widely used plastic. It has high rigidity and chemical bakelite. CH2. CH2. OH. OH. Properties. These phenolic resins are rigid, hard, water.

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When phenol C6H6O , which is an organic compound and a common disinfectant, is mixed with … It must be mounted onto bakelite puck, polished using finer and finer grits as well as polishing slurry, and finally it … Water molecule is removed in the process. Making Bakelite is a multi-stage process. Water molecule is removed in the process. Preparation of bakelite: Bakelite is the commercial name for the polymer obtained by the polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde. Chemistry investigatory project - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation.

View Datasheet in another language. All information, recommendations and suggestions provided by Bakelite AG in the form of verbal or written communication, or in pertinent data bases, represent our best knowledge and experience. Such data are non-binding in character, and do not represent, either explicitly or implicitly, assurances or a guarantee of specific properties. The specified parameters merely represent typical data; they do not form a basis for either a guarantee or a specification. The information, recommendations and suggestions we provide describe our products and possible applications in general or exemplary terms; they do not relate to specific cases.

preparation of Bakelite

It is a thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin , formed from a condensation reaction of phenol with formaldehyde. Bakelite was patented on December 7,

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preparation of Bakelite

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Harmful: Dilute acetic acid, in the form of vinegar, is harmless.

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Very smooth molding can be obtained from this polymer. Bakelite moldings are heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. They are also resistant to several destructive solvents. Owing to its low electrical conductivity, bakelite is resistant to electric current.

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